Shopping Clubs!

Three Bags Full offers “Shopper Clubs” to our faithful families who LOVE Three Bags Full! Join one today for early access and other fun perks!

Register as a seller, receive a Seller Number, and tag 10 or more items, which you bring to the venue! You’ll receive THE EARLIEST shopping time, which is the most relaxed, as well as up to 80% deposits on your sold items. Families in the Sellers Club buy & sell from one another! Sellers Club members also shop first on half price night & receive other fun perks. Learn More Here!

Sellers Club Members shop FIRST for the most relaxed shopping experience, the best selection and the best prices. Sellers Club Members also have the option to become “Premier Consignors” for even earlier shopping!

Sellers Club Early Access Schedule:

  • Columbus
    • Thursday, Dec. 2:  4:45pm-9pm
    • Friday, Dec. 3:  5:15pm-9pm
  • Pickerington
  • Croton:

Shop with Three Bags Full and spend $300 or more in one transaction! Receive a complimentary black “Super Star Shopper” bag, which is your future admission to Early Access at all locations. Valid for bag holder & two adult friends, no kids. Bags are not replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.

Remember: You must bring your black bag for admission. NEW: RSVP & claim your free ticket so we know you’re coming! 

Super Star Shopper Early Access Schedule:

Purchased a green 3BF shopping bag? You’re part of the “Be Green” Shopper Club! Bring your green 3BF bag as your admission ticket. Valid for bag holder & 2 adult friends, kids welcome Fri & Sat. Bags are not replaced if lost or stolen.

Remember: You must bring your green 3BF bag for admission.  NEW: RSVP & claim your free ticket so we know you’re coming!

Be Green Shopper Club Early Access Schedule:

  • Columbus:
    • Thursday, Dec 2: 7:30pm (no kids unless worn)
    • Friday, Dec 3: 6:30pm (discount day)
    • Saturday, Dec. 4: 8:45am (discount day)
    • RSVP so we know you’re coming! Get your free (required) ticket here!