Prepping, Pricing & Tagging Your Items

Gather & Prep Your Items

Gather your BEST items first. Start with the HIGH DEMAND items like baby gear, large plastic indoor/outdoor toys & lots more. Check out our list! 

Simple Pricing

Best way to price? Ask yourself “What would I pay?”

Prices begin at $2 and you decide if you’d like to “discount” it or not. If so, a red dot will print on your tag and Fri night & Sat those items (only) are 50% off. It’s a great option to sell more!

Tagging Made Easy!

6 tags print on a page, so tag 6 items at a time! A few common household supplies and cardstock paper are all you’ll need!

How to Tag Your Items

Creating & Printing your Price Tags:

  • Good to Know:
    • Descriptions are Important!  BRAND on line 1 & a good color/style/pieces description on line 1 & 2
    • “Qantity” refers to more than one of the SAME ITEM at the SAME PRICE, not more than one piece to a set. 
    • It automatically SAVES!
    • Click the “Discount” box if you want a RED DOT to appear on your tag (then it’ll be 50% off the last 2 days of the sale, if it’s still there)- remember to print in color!
    • Use ONLY white cardstock paper to print tags & use lightest (draft, etc) print mode
    • DO NOT use colored paper and DO NOT use high-quality ink to print.
    • Sticker Tags (a fast tagging option) are available for purchase here. 

Attaching your pricetags:

  • Attach tags to clothing with a safety pin, tagging gun or with the new sticker tags. (No straight pins, staples, etc)
  • Put tag in a seam, in the manufacturer tag in the back neck, in the underarm seam, or place sticker tag on the front of the item.  (Do NOT place barb or pin thru center of garment where it’ll leave a hole! Moms won’t buy it.)
  • If the tag cannot be pinned, use CLEAR PACKING TAPE.
  • Test the tag… if your child could remove it, then so will others.
  • The description field is for your benefit. If the tag becomes misplaced, we keep it and attempt to find the item. The description allows us to match up it up!
  • SECURITY TAGS & SENSORS: North Face, Columbia, etc coats plus purses, infant carriers & some shoes need a security tag & sensor.  See a Sale Manager when you bring your items so the Security Tag & Security Sensor can be attached.

How to Price Your Items

What would you pay?

  • PRICE & CONDITION are the reasons another mom buys (or doesn’t buy) your item.
  • What would YOU PAY for the condition it’s currently in??
  • Remember: other moms don’t have YOUR memories of that item. (They want to create their own).
  • Buyers have a lot to choose from. What price point would make them put it in their bag instead of back on the rack?
  • Price & Condition are the PRIMARY REASONS an item doesn’t sell: too high or too worn out.
  • Discount it! Click the “discount” field when tagging if you’d like a “red dot” to print on your tag. Those items (only) are 50% off Fri night & Sat if they haven’t already sold. It’s a great way to SELL MORE!
  • Brands & Condition matter! 
  • Prices begin at $2. Bundle those smaller items together to increase value

How to Prep & Hang Your Items

Get your items ready for sale!

Gather your six BEST items and get started!

It took awhile to accumulate all of those totes, toys & tubs. Just do what you can, prepping your BEST items first. Check our the “High Demand” list and get started there!

The following videos & pics will help you along the way. Plus, it’s always a great idea to ask questions on our 3BF Consignors Only Facebook page! 

Pinning Outfits

Save time & resources!

  • Price a shirt & pant as one item (one price tag)
  • Price several shirts or several pants as one item (one price tag)

When hanging multiples on one hanger:

  • Hang the first item on the hanger like usual
  • Flip the hanger over. Pin the second item (shirt/pants/skirt) THROUGH the first item, picking up the “shoulder” part of the hanger then come BACK through the first item catching the second item. (Large safety pins work best).
  • Nothing falls off, it doesn’t slide around on the hanger, you saved resources & time!

Hanger Faces Left

Make sure when hanging clothing that the “hook” of the hanger faces to the left! 

(It’ll resemble a “question mark” when looking at the front of the garment.)

Tagging Supplies

Household Supplies

What are some common supplies you’ll need to tag your items? 

  • hangers (any type!)
  • safety pins
  • packing tape
  • ziploc bags
  • saran wrap or packing wrap
  • white cardstock paper and/or sticker tags
  • scissors
  • Baby wipes, etc to clean it up!

Optional Sticker Tags

Simply print, peel & stick. Easy!

 (DeAnn went from printer to finished on 75 items in under 10 minutes!) Yes, they work on clothing, too! 6 tags per sheet

Note: not intended for shoes, thick/textured fabrics or silky/fragile fabrics or any item where the tag will not lay flat.

These are purchased from an outside source. Please allow 5-10 business days for shipping. 

150 tags: $13.99

216 tags: $17.99

390 tags: $22.95