Prepping, Pricing & Tagging Your Items

Gather & Prep Your Items

Gather your BEST items first. Start with the HIGH DEMAND items like baby gear, large plastic indoor/outdoor toys & lots more. Check out our list! 

Simple Pricing

Best way to price? Ask yourself “What would I pay?”

Prices begin at $2 and you decide if you’d like to “discount” it or not. If so, a red dot will print on your tag and Fri night & Sat those items (only) are 50% off. It’s a great option to sell more!

Tagging Made Easy!

6 tags print on a page, so tag 6 items at a time! A few common household supplies and cardstock paper are all you’ll need!

How to Tag Your Items

Making, Printing & Attaching Price Tags:

Making & Printing Tags: TIPS
  • Descriptions are important. Brand: line 1 & a good description line 1 & 2
  • “Quantity” refers to more than one of the EXACT SAME item with EXACT SAME price.
  • DISCOUNT: a very good idea to increase sales. Click the box for a dot to print on the tag (ideally print in color!). Last days of pop up items are discounted.
  • CARDSTOCK Paper is helpful to keep your tags on your item. White is best. 
  • Low quality printing is best so the barcode scans
  • Sticker Tags are optional but make for fast tagging. Allow 2 weeks for delivery.
Attaching Tags: TIPS
  • Use a safety pin, tagging gun, sticker tags or tape to attach price tags
  • Tape is only for plastic or hard items!
  • Put the tag in the SEAM or in the manufacturer’s tag. DON”T make a hole in the center of the item.
  • Test the tag: if it’ll fall off at home, it’ll fall off at the sale.
  • Large Items too hard to carry: bring the tag with you & attach to a Claim Ticket at drop off.

How to Price Your Items

Pricing Your Items to SELL

Pricing: TIPS
  • Shoppers decide what they’ll buy
  • What would YOU pay for the item?
  • Price, Age, Condition: how shoppers decide
  • Prices begin @ $2. Bundle items to increase value
  • DISCOUNT IT: select the discount box so it’ll be discounted on the last days, if it hasn’t sold.
  • Check out this pricing guide for help.

How to Prep & Hang Your Items

Hanging, Bundling, Packaging & Preparing Your Items: 

Prepping Your Items: TIPS
  • 6 tags print on a page. Work with 6 items at a time
  • Shake Test: if it falls off the hanger, pin it to the shoulder or get a larger hanger
  • Hole Test: if your kids can poke a hole in the bag to get to the toy, use clear packing tape over the ziploc bag
  • Shoes: zip tie, rubber band, safety pin together, when possible. Infant shoes can go in a ziploc bag
  • Books: saran wrap/ziploc bundles together & tape over the saran wrap/ziploc
  • Puzzles: saran wrap around puzzle (no cardboard box puzzles are accepted unless new)
  • Games: put pieces in ziploc bags, include manual, keep it organized. Don’t tape it closed. We will do that after inspection
  • Elecronics: must turn on! If it’s tiny, tape it to a large piece of cardboard, then put it in a ziploc bag. Tape the bag so holes can’t be made
  • Accessories: headbands, socks, bibs, etc are best attachd to an outfit. NO fabric clothing items in bags. Bundle multiple similar accessories and tag as one item.

Pinning Outfits

Save time & resources!

  • Price a shirt & pant as one item (one price tag)
  • Price several shirts or several pants as one item (one price tag)

When hanging multiples on one hanger:

  • Hang the first item on the hanger like usual
  • Flip the hanger over. Pin the second item (shirt/pants/skirt) THROUGH the first item, picking up the “shoulder” part of the hanger then come BACK through the first item catching the second item. (Large safety pins work best).
  • Nothing falls off, it doesn’t slide around on the hanger, you saved resources & time!

Hanger Faces Left

Make sure when hanging clothing that the “hook” of the hanger faces to the left! 

(It’ll resemble a “question mark” when looking at the front of the garment.)

Tagging Supplies

Household Supplies

What are some common supplies you’ll need to tag your items? 

  • hangers (any type!)
  • safety pins
  • packing tape
  • ziploc bags
  • saran wrap or packing wrap
  • white cardstock paper and/or sticker tags
  • scissors
  • Baby wipes, etc to clean it up!

Optional Sticker Tags

Simply print, peel & stick. Easy!

 (DeAnn went from printer to finished on 75 items in under 10 minutes!) Yes, they work on clothing, too! 6 tags per sheet

Note: not intended for shoes, thick/textured fabrics or silky/fragile fabrics or any item where the tag will not lay flat.

These are purchased from an outside source. Please allow 5-10 business days for shipping. 

150 tags: $13.99

216 tags: $17.99

390 tags: $22.95