Consignor Guide for In Person Pop Ups

Use the links below for info about each step to selling: tagging, shopping, payments & unsold items.
Printable Consignor GuideConsignor Support

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Prep Your Items

Tag it & prepare it for the sale


Bring your Items

When and where to go



Consignors PreSale, Passes & Promotional Tools


Receiving your Deposit

End of the Sale

Unsold Items and Transferring Inventory

Tag it! Prepping, Pricing & Tagging Your Items

Bring it! Drop Off Schedule & Directions

How Drop Off Works:

  1. Schedule your drop-off appointment from your Consignor Account
  2. Plan on 15-60 minutes, depending on your item count
  3. Organize it before you arrive (see below)
  4. Complete Online Check in BEFORE loading your vehicle
  5. Put your items on the sales floor

Note: Doors close promptly at indicated times. If your schedule changes, just come during any drop off hours per the schedule.

Consignor must complete & attach all claim tickets on large items
YES you can come multiple times. Please schedule an appointment for the timeframe you’ll be bringing the majority of your items.
Pickerington Drop Off Schedule & Info
The Grove does host a school so pay close attention in the parking lot for children and pick up/drop off lines.

Park & enter the front doors (Door A).  Do not pull in front of the building. Park in a space.

Drop Off Schedule:  (arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing)

  • Mon, 9/23: 9:30am-8pm 
  • Tues, 9/24: 9:30am-12pm

      Restock Drop Off for missed or additional items

      • Wed, 9:30am only


      Johnstown Drop Off Schedule & Info

      Enter the Hartford Fairgrounds at GATE C.  All buildings are labeled with their name. ALWAYS ENTER THE 4H BUILDING FIRST TO CHECK IN & OBTAIN YOUR SHOPPING PASSES. The Consignor group on facebook has a video showing you where to go. It’s really much easier than it sounds. 😉

      • 4H building: Park on the side and enter side doors.  Toys, shoes, baby items, games, books, puzzles, etc
      • FFA building: Pull to the BACK SIDE to unload your large items needing claim tickets.
      • Merchant building: Pull to any open door.Clothing & Home goods (Front of building best for boys clothing, back door best for girls clothing)

      Drop Off:  

      • Sun, 10/20/24: 6pm-8:30pm
      • Mon, 10/21/24: 10am-7pm
      • Tues, 10/22/24: 10am-12pm
      • Wed., 10/23/24:10am only

      Restock drop off:

      • Thurs., 10/24/24: 10am only

            Shop! Schedule & Passes

            Consignors Only Pre-Sale: First Pick!

            • Receive your Consignor PreSale Pass when you arrive at drop off with your items. You must bring 10+ items to receive this pass.
            • Consignors may bring their spouse, a grandparent and their children. (kids not encouraged). Do not bring a friend, cousin, aunt, etc.
            • Entry time is based upon your chosen Tier Level (Refer to the Consignor Agreement for times)

            Consignor Shopping Dates:

            • Pickerington: Tues., Sept. 24 & Fri., Sept. 27
            • Johnstown: Wed., Oct. 23 & Sat., Oct. 26

            Flier To Share: the more you tell, the more you will sell. Share the love!


            Know someone expecting? Newly Delivered?

            Share the attached postcard about the “New & Due” PreSale from 7pm-9pm

            • Pickerington: March 13
            • Johnstown: April 18
            • Columbus: April 26


            Fast Deposits 

            • Deposits occur within 10 business days (usually 4-5).
            • Deposits are issued via PayPal to the email you provide to us in your Consignor Account. (Make sure it is correct).  We pay the fees.
            • Funds not accepted by PayPal are returned to us after 30 days.
            • Want to sell at another location? YES you can transfer your inventory! Follow these directions to avoid retagging.
            • How much do you want us to do?
              • Consignors pay 40% commission & a $20 Consignor Fee, which is deducted from deposit
              • Add one shift to waive the $20 Consignor Fee, decrease commission & to shop earlier.
              • Add additional shifts for decreased commission & earlier shop times.
              • Add shifts from your Consignor Account
            • Refer to the Consignor Agreement, located within your Consignor Account, for complete information about commission, fees, Tier Levels, shop times and more.

            Unsold Items? Donate it or pick it up?

            On average, our consignors sell 75% of their items and receive a $400+ deposit. What sells is determined by shoppers. Maximize your sales by prepping your BEST items, and pricing them attractively.

            If some items aren’t purchased by shoppers, you can retrieve them during the designated Pick Up hours. Follow the  provided Pick Up Directions if getting everything back is important to you. Pick is up is not required. If you do pick up, and want to transfer unsold items to another location, please follow these directions:

            To maximize your sales, you can opt to leave unsold items so they are included in the 50%/75% off “Super Sale.” At its conclusion, all unsold items are immediately donated on your behalf to St. Vincent dePaul and other charities, who greatly value the donation.

            PICK UP HOURS: No Exceptions.  Please do not ask.

            • Pickerington: Saturday, Sept., 28: 3:30-5:30pm
            • Johnstown: Sunday, Oct., 27: 3:30-5:30pm