Seller Resources for In Person Pop Ups

Use the links below for info about each step to selling: tagging, shopping, payments & unsold items.

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Tag it!

Deets for getting your items ready to SELL


Bring it!

When/where to bring your stuff!



Pick your shop time & get tips!


Moolah details!

Unsold Items?

Want it back or donate it? You pick!

Tag it! Prepping, Pricing & Tagging Your Items

Bring it! Drop Off Schedule & Directions

How Drop Off Works:

  1. Schedule your drop-off appointment from your online seller account
  2. Plan on 15-60 minutes, depending on your item count
  3. Organize it before you arrive (see below)
  4. Complete Online Check in BEFORE loading your vehicle
  5. Put your items on the sales floor

Note: Doors close promptly at indicated times. If your schedule changes, just come during any drop off hours per the schedule.

Marysville Drop Off Directions
NOTE: Seller must complete & attach all claim tickets on large items for all drop off types.
YES you can come multiple times. Please schedule an appointment (in your online seller account) for the timeframe you’ll be bringing the majority of your items.

    Clothing: group by size & gender.  When you arrive, you’ll put them directly on the racks. (We inspect later)

    Toys:  make sure pieces/parts are contained. You’ll put them directly on racks. Make sure battery operated items turn on. 

    Shoes:  make sure they are CLEAN!  You’ll put them into a bag labeled by size. (We inspect later).

    Baby Gear, large toys, etc:  complete the claim ticket & attach to the item. Make sure they’re clean & in working order. 

    To help you plan, drop off usually takes about 20-30 minutes for roughly 100 items. 

    An ONLINE CHECK IN will be emailed/texted to you prior to drop off beginning with additional info to make drop off fast & easy. 

    Marysville Drop Off Schedule

    Regular Drop Off:  

    • Sun., 10/9: 8pm-10pm
    • Mon., 10/10: 10am-2:30pm
    • Tues., 10/11: 1pm-7:30pm
    • Wed., 10/12: 10am only

    We close prompty at times indicated so arrive at least 20-30 minutes prior to closing.

    Note: “Paid drop & go” has been discontinued

    Powell Drop Off Directions
    NOTE: Seller must complete & attach all claim tickets on large items for all drop off types.
    YES you can come multiple times. Please schedule an appointment (in your online seller account) for the timeframe you’ll be bringing the majority of your items.
    • Regular drop off: Park in a parking spot & bring items inside
    • 90% Sell Through  Perk: During designated hours only. Clothing/toys/etc must be in boxs or totes, not bags. Label box/tote with your seller number if you plan on retrieving it during Pick Up Hours. Appointments required. USE BACK ENTRANCE. Pull around to the back of the complex & park near the PODS. Look for our 3BF sign. Show your emailed complimentary “90% Pass.” We will unload & put your items away. Note: if you come outside of the designated timeframe, you will need to park in the front & bring in your own items. We will still put your items on the sales floor.  Seller completes all Claim Tickets.
    Powell Drop Off Schedule
    • Regular Drop Off:  
      • Thurs., 10/27: 9am-7:30pm
      • Fri., 10/28: 9am-10am 

        90% Sell Through from Spring ’22: 

        • Thurs., 10/27: 9:30am-10:30am 
        Types of Drop Off Available

        Regular Drop Off: bring in your items & put them on the sales floor. Check in with a Sale Manager upon arrival.

        Complimentary 90%+ sell through perk: We email you a pass (based on previous sell through rate @ previous pop up/same location) to show when you arrive. We will put your items out for you. You complete & attach all Claim Tickets for large items. All items must be in a box or tote (no bag).  Label box/tote with your seller number if you plan on retrieving it during Pick Up Hours.  If you come outside of the designated timeframe, you park, bring in your items & we will put them out. Note: this is a “perk only” and can be changed or dropped at any time if abused.

        Restock Drop Off: Bring items you missed!  Just come anytime during those hours & follow regular drop off procedures. 

        Note: the “paid drop & go” service is no longer being offered.

        Shop! Schedule & Passes

        Sellers always shop first!  

        Seller Shopping Appointments: 

        • Only sellers who tag & drop off 10 or more items quality to shop with sellers for in person pop ups
        • All sellers listing items for virtual pop ups will receive a  text link to shop the online catalog prior to the public
        • Sellers will receive a text link to reserve their indicated appointment time(s) on Opening Night & Half Price NIght. They are welcome to bring their spouse and/or a grandparent only (kids welcome but not encouraged). If there is a second paid appointment evening, sellers can bring up to two adult friends, no kids.
        • Friends/family can also utilize a discount code for Wednesday tickets
        • Seller shop time based on chosen Tier Level.

        Sellers Shopping Party:

        • Pickerington: Sept. 13, 14, 16
        • Croton: Sept. 27, 28, 30
        • Marysville: Oct. 12, 14
        • Powell: Oct. 28, 29
        Shopping Times: Tier Levels

        Shopping Times are based upon your chosen Tier Level (optional shifts) and are listed in your Consignor Agreement; schedule shifts from your online account.

        Sellers Club Shopping Times: (Pass is included for participating Sellers)

        Pickerington & Croton Opening (Tuesday) Night:

        • Tier 5: 4:30pm
        • Tier 4: 4:45pm
        • Tier 3: 5pm
        • Tier 2: 5:15pm
        • Tier 1: 5:30pm
        • Tier 0: 5:45pm

        Marysville Opening (Wednesday) Night:

        • Tier 5: 3:45pm
        • Tier 4: 4pm
        • Tier 3: 4:15pm
        • Tier 2: 4:30pm
        • Tier 1: 4:45pm
        • Tier 0: 5pm

        Powell Opening (Friday) Night:

        • Tier 5: 3pm
        • Tier 4: 3:15pm
        • Tier 3: 3:30pm
        • Tier 2: 3:45pm
        • Tier 1: 4pm
        • Tier 0: 4:15pm


        Pickerington & Croton Second (Wednesday) Night:

        • Tier 0-5: 5:30pm (Pickerington)
        • Tier 0-5: 6pm (Croton)

        Half Price Night Friday (Pickerington, Croton, Marysville):

        • Tier 1-5: 5pm
        • Tier 0: 5:15pm

        Half Price Night Saturday (Powell):

        • Tier 1-5: 5pm
        • Tier 0: 5:15pm

          Remember:  All Sellers should help sell their stuff by sharing & shopping!

          • SHARE: Flyers, facebook posts, signs, magnets, conversations with others!
          • SHOP: Shop for your family; have friends & family use the promo code to shop on your night!

          Getting Paid! Fast deposits are easy!

          • Deposits occur within 10 business days (usually 4-5).
          • Deposits are issued via PayPal
            • Make sure you provide us with a valid PayPal account email
            • We pay the fees.
          • Funds not accepted by PayPal are returned to us after 30 days.
          • Want to sell at another location? YES you can transfer your inventory! Follow these directions to avoid retagging.
          • How much do you want us to do?
            • Consignors pay 40% commission & a $20 Consignor Fee, which is deducted from deposit
            • Add one shift to waive the $20 Consignor Fee, decrease commission & to shop earlier.
            • Add additional shifts for decreased commission & earlier shop times.
            • Add shifts from your Seller Account
          • Refer to the Seller Agreement, located within your Seller Account, for complete information about commission, fees, Tier Levels, shop times and more.

          Unsold Items? Donate it or pick it up?

          We focus on SALES & SELLING!

          Pricing your items right & making sure they’re in excellent condition means shoppers will want to purchase them!

          However, if some items aren’t purchased by shoppers, you can leave them and they are donated on your behalf to local children’s charities such as:

          • Heath Baby Pantry
          • St. Vincent DePaul
          • Heartbeats
          • Seton Parish
          • Lots more

          If you would like your unsold items back please read through the Pick Up Directions prior to arriving.

          If you would like your items included in the SUPER SALE (75% items with dots & 50% off items without dots), then LEAVE THEM and at the conclusion of the Super Sale what isn’t sold will be immediately donated. (No pick up option after the Super Sale)

          Pick Up Hours

          Pick Up Times (NO Exceptions):

          • Pickerington: Sat., Sept. 17: 1:30pm-3:30pm
          • Croton: Sat., Oct. 1: 1:30pm-3:30pm
          • Marysville: Sat., Oct. 15: 1:30pm-3:30pm
          • Powell: Sun., Oct. 30: 3:30pm-5pm