Consignor Guide for 3BF Virtual Marketplace

Tired of the hassle of Facebook Marketplace? Piled porches, driving around town, always checking & keeping track of payment, who bought what, etc? We have a solution for you! Our Virtual 3BF Marketplace combines what you LOVE about out in person events with the ease of buying online & having ONE local EASY pick up of ALL your treasures.

Join the NEW way to buy/sell online, LOCALLY:  3BF Virtual Marketplace! First, REGISTER, then use the links below for info about each step to selling online: pics, tagging, shopping, drop off & deposits. 

Printable Virtual Consignor GuideConsignor Support

Jump to each section as you need it! Join our 3BF Consignor Community Facebook Page for fun & extra help!


Pics & presentation: preparing your items for the Online Catalog


Consignors shop the catalog first.

Sold Items

How to prepare & label your SOLD items prior to delivery


Bringing your SOLD items to the venue


Fast deposits

Virtual Catalog: Photos & Presentation

Creating Inventory for the Virtual Catalog:

  1. Log into your Consignor Account & “work with consigned inventory”
  2. You’ll enter info about your item AND upload a picture. Upload the picture now, or later.
  3. Using the Description Fields:
    1. Description Row One: brand and title
    2. Description Row Two: description
    3. Description Row Three: size, additional info, etc
  4. When your item is ready to be added to the Online Catalog, mark it “ready for sale”
  5. Do not print any tags until the item has SOLD

Keep your items organized:

  1. You need to deliver the correct SOLD item to the venue.
  2. Label each item/set with the corresponding Item Number for easy reference.
  3. Once it sells, it no longer belongs to you, keep it safe!

What You Can Sell

  • Clothing, coats, costumes: infant-adult, all seasons, no limits.
  • Shoes, boots, purses, accessories, backpacks, etc
  • Books, games, toys, scrapbooking, crafts, etc
  • Home Goods, furniture, tools, sporting goods, etc
  • Baby gear, outside toys, bikes, wagons, etc
  • Lawn furniture, camping, hunting supplies, etc
  • No weapons/knives; nothing damaged, old, worn out, etc.
  • Get a complete list, below:

Quality Matters!

It is imperative that all items in the Virtual Catalog are new with tag, excellent condition or very good condition. No play clothing, broken or damaged items, etc.  Shoppers cannot see/touch/feel like during an in person pop up. It is your responsibility to make sure your items meet standards. Please read the Consignor Agreement for more info regarding items that do not meet Three Bags Full standards.

Virtual Catalog Pro Tips:

  • One picture is worth a thousand words. Make it a good one!
  • “Square” is the best format: Max image size: 5mb
    Image dimensions: max width and/or height: 4472 px
    Image file types allowed: .png, .jpg, .gif, .jpeg
  • Turn off “live photo” mode
  • “Lay it Flat” on a clean, smooth surface, then take your picture OR wear it!
  • Use a ruler, quarter, etc, to demonstrate size.
  • Use a whiteboard to add more details.
  • Use an app to make a pic collage (FREE apps: PicCollage, Collage Maker)
  • Good lighting is a must!
  • Wrinkles, bad backgrounds, poor lighting= low sales
  • Shoppers may search by key words: use them! Don’t abbreviate brands.
  • New, like-new & excellent condition items only.
  • Categories, Sizes, Titles & Descriptions are VERY important!
  • Keep all photos on an album in your phone if you plan on adding unsold items in the next virtual sale.

Important Deadlines

Once items are marked “ready for online sale” they will be exported and no longer able to be edited or deleted. Export schedule as follows:

  • Lancaster: Oct. 13 @ 8am, Oct. 14 @ 8am and restock Oct. 16 @ 8am
  • Hilliard: Jan. 28th @ 8pm, Jan. 30th @ 8pm and restock Feb 1st @ 8PM
  • Please have the majority of your items marked “ready for online sale” by the date listed in bold.

Shop! Consignors have “First Look”

Consignors shop the Virtual Catalog first. Whomever checks out first receive the item.  

  • Consignors will receive a text link & email to the Virtual Catalog prior to the public shopping, both full price & at discount. (We send at the indicated time; we cannot control when you receive it).
  • As co-venturing with others for the sale of your items, sharing this link to others and on social is imperative to high sales, which also can increase your percentage 5%

Consignor Early Shopping:

  • Lancaster: Sun., Oct. 15 @ 8pm
  • Hilliard: Wed., Jan. 31 @ 8pm



Prep It! Prepare your SOLD items for shopper pick up

It Sold, now what?

  • Check your Consignor Account to know what SOLD
  • Print the corresponding SOLD tag for each item. Each SOLD item has a specific tag based on the SHOPPER who purchased it.
  • Print on CARDSTOCK paper, ideally white.
  • Organize your tags/items based on the SHOPPER CODE printed on each SOLD TAG
  • Note: these tags look different than tags for the in person pop ups.
  • It is very important that the correct SOLD tag goes on the correct item.
  • The more organized you are in prepping your SOLD items, the easier it’ll be to fill shopper orders.

Preparing Your Items:

  • Clothing: roll it up tightly and wrap it with a rubber band(s), keeping all items entact. Attach the SOLD tag for that item.
  • Toys and items with pieces: make sure they are all contained so parts do not become separated. Attach the SOLD tag for that item.
  • Breakables: make sure it is packaged appropriately so it does not break in transit.
  • Placing it in a bag? Only CLEAR bags may be used
  • Remember: SOLD items are no longer yours. Make sure the correct SOLD tag is on each item, based on the SHOPPER CODE and item info

Bring it!


Item Drop off: Lancaster

Bring your prepped SOLD items to Crossroads Ministry Center 2095 W. Fair Ave, Lancaster

  • Oct. 19: 4-7pm
  • Oct. 20: 10am-12pm

Item Drop off: Hilliard

Bring your prepped SOLD items to the Franklin Co Fairgrounds Ganyard Building

  • Feb. 6th: 4-7pm
  • Feb. 7th: 10am-12pm

Bringing Your Items & Filling Orders

During designated days/times, you will bring all of your SOLD items, tagged with the respective SOLD tag, to the venue. 

Once you arrive, you will scan all items into the computer, then place all items into each respective shopper’s bag. 

When all items have been accounted for, you’re finished!

(During Purchase Pick Up, shoppers – even you – will come back to the venue and pick up your order.  At that time you can review all items or just take them home. Once they leave the facility, all sales are final. Reasons for refunds: item doesn’t match description, item doesn’t match 3BF standards. Buyers remose is not reason for a refund.)

Note: sellers with refunded items will be charged 5% of the item and not be refunded; the item will then be discarded or donated. Make sure your item matches the description, and meets Three Bags Full standards. If you’re not sure, email us at

Getting Paid! Fast deposits are easy!

  • Consignors receive 70% of their selling price.
  • If consignors sell 75% or more of listed items, they receive an additional 5%
  • Deposits occur within 10 business days (usually 4-5).
  • Deposits are issued via PayPal or Three Bags Full gift card
    • The email in your Consignor Account when tagging concludes is where we will issue your PayPal deposit.
    • We pay the fees.
  • Funds not accepted by PayPal are returned to us after 30 days.
  • Want to sell at another location? YES you can transfer your inventory! Follow these directions to avoid retagging.
    • NOTE: Images valid for current sale only. (Pro tip: Save photos in an album on your hone for future use.)
  • Refer to the Consignor Agreement for complete information.