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    Good to Know:

    • Registration assigns you a Consignor Number and activates your Consignor Account at that location.
    • Each location is separate, requiring a separate registration, although your Consignor Number will be the same at all locations, now and in the future.
    • If you have a Consignor Number, register as a RETURNING family at any location. If not, register as a NEW family.
    • The Registration Fee is non-refundable & non-transferrable: In Person Events: $10 and Virtual Events: $8

    Ready to get started?  The current season events are listed below. Just pick the one that works for you, and register!

    shoes and boots


    Feb. 1-4

    Virtual Sale

    Register Here:

    Virtual Dates to Record:
    • Order Fulfillment Location: Franklin Co. Fairgrounds 5031 NW Parkway, Hilliard, OH Ganyard Building
    • Item Entry Exports:  1/28, 1/30 & 2/1@ 8pm
    • Consignor PreSale: 1/31 at 8pm
    • Drop Off Sold items: 2/6 4-7pm & 2/7 10am-12pm
    • Pick Up Purchases:  2/7 4-7pm
    Three Bags Full Pop Up Shops

    Pickerington Area

    March 13-16

    Register Here

    Pickerington Dates to Record:
    • Location: The Grove Church, Entrance A. 3420 Blacklick Eastern Rd NW Baltimore, OH
    • Item Entry Deadlines: 3/9/24  @ 12pm
    • Premier Consignor Shifts Open 2/11 @ 8pm & Close: 3/6 @ 11:59 pm
    • Consignors PreSale: 3/12 & 3/15
    • Pick up: 3/16/24 3:30pm-5:30pm only
    Three Bags Full Pop Up Shops

    Johnstown Area

    April 18-21

    Register Here:

    Johnstown Dates to Record:
    • Location: Hartford Fairgrounds Gate C. 14028 Fairgrounds Rd Croton, OH
    • Item Entry Deadlines:4/13 @ 12pm
    • Premier Consignor Shifts Open 3/6 @ 8pm & Close: 4/10 @ 11:59pm
    • Consignor PreSale: 4/17 & 4/20
    • Pick up: 4/21/24 3:30pm-5:30pm only
    Three Bags Full Pop Up Shops

    Columbus Area

    April 26-28

    Register Here:

    Columbus Dates to Record:
    • Location:  Stars Indoor Sports. 6124 Busch Blvd. Columbus, OH
    • Item Entry Deadlines: 4/23 @ 12pm
    • Premier Consignor Shifts Open 3/6 @ 8pm & Close: 4/21 @ 11:59pm
    • Consignor PreSale: 4/26 & 4/27
    • Pick up: 4/28 3:30pm-5:30pm only

    Good to Know

    • Registering provides access to your Consignor Account for that event, where you will make price tags & manage your inventory. 
    • The Registration Fee is paid when you register & is non-refundable & non-transferrable. $10 for in person events & $8 for virtual events.
    • If we become full for Consignors, registration will close at that event.

    Consignor Numbers

    • Consignor numbers are your confidential Identification with Three Bags Full. They remain the same for all current & future events.
    • If you already have a Consignor number, please register as a “Returning Family” at any location. (You may need to reset your password).
    • If you have never consigned with us, please register as a New Family
    • Always confirm that the account contact information for you is correct. Be sure to opt in to receiving emails & texts related to consigning.

    Get FREE 3BF Bucks!

    • Earn $10 3BF Bucks for EACH new seller you refer. 
    • The new seller earns $10 3BF bucks too! 
    • The NEW seller will list YOU as the referring seller when they drop off their items. 
    • Tell the cashier you have 3BF Bucks & it’s deducted from your total purchase.
    • Unlimited 3BF Bucks! (Must be a new seller & they must drop off at least 10 items)

    Step 2: Make Your Price Tags!

    How to prep your items & make your price tags:

    • Log into your Consignor Account
    • “Work with consigned inventory”
    • Tell us about your items & name your price


    Log into your account to make your price tags, schedule your drop off appointment & more.


    Helpful how-to information for both In Person and Virtual Events.