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December 2-4, 2021

Columbus Convention Center- Hall D

Columbus Important Dates

Record the following:

  • Registration & Tagging closes: Monday, Nov. 29 @ 8pm
  • Premier Consignor shifts close: Sunday, Nov. 28 at midnight
  • Drop Off: Wed & Thurs, Dec. 1-2. Refer to Seller Resources for specifics
  • Sellers Shopping Party: Thurs., Dec. 2 & Fri., Dec. 3 (time based upon chosen Tier Level)
  • Pick Up (optional): Sat., Dec 4: 1:30pm-3:30pm only
  • Refer to Seller Agreement in your online account for complete details


Back in April, 2022!

Hartford Fairgrounds 14028 Fairgrounds Rd Croton, OH


Back in March, 2022!

The Grove Church 3420 Blacklick Eastern Rd NW Baltimore, OH

Good to Know

  • Registering gives you access to making price tags & means you’re participating as a Seller.
  • Registration Fee is paid when you register & is non-refundable & non-transferrable
  • Registration Fee is based upon date you register. ($8-$15) Register EARLY to save your spot.
  • Once registered, we save your spot & make room for your stuff. 

Seller Numbers

  • Confidential 3BF identification number
  • Stay the same forever & work at all locations
  • Give you access to make barcoded price tags & track your sales
  • Already have a Seller Number? Register with “returning family” links for ALL locations. No need for a new number!

Get FREE 3BF Bucks!

  • Earn $10 3BF Bucks for EACH new seller you refer. 
  • The new seller earns $10 3BF bucks too! 
  • The NEW seller will list YOU as the referring seller when they drop off their items. 
  • Tell the cashier you have 3BF Bucks & it’s deducted from your total purchase.
  • Unlimited 3BF Bucks! (Must be a new seller & they must drop off at least 10 items)

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