Consigning: The profitable, sustainable solution to raising kids

Join a community of families who buy & sell from one another
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The Simple, Sustainable Solution: Consigning

Maximize the power of a large group of families who help one another.

Save time. Make money. Save money. Have fun. Buy for next season. Repeat.

CONSIGNING is the sustainable, savvy solution to all the stuff that comes with kids.

Infant-Adult Clothing & Shoes, Toys, Baby Gear, Home Goods & More

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For 20 years Three Bags Full has connected families. The “Mom’s helping Moms” sale began in a little garage and has grown to multiple venues, and online, throughout Central Ohio.

Join a Community of Families who are sustainable, savvy, thrifty, savings-oriented and understand the VALUE of consigning. Don’t dump it or list it, Consign it!

How does it work?

  • Consignors price their own items, attaching a barcoded price tag created within their Consignor Account. (Or, our VIP taggers will do it for you)
  • Bring tagged items to the venue & put items in their respective department. That’s it.
  • Consignors shop the sale first, so you buy what you need while we handle the sale of your own items.
  • Receive a fast deposit of 60% – 80% (Want to help out? That’s how you earn more than 60%)
  • On average, consignors make $400+ and sell 75% of their items
  • Unsold items can be retrieved or we will donate them on your behalf.

Thousands of families shop Three Bags Full every season. Maximize the power of a big group of families and sell a lot, all at one time.

The Simple, Sustainable Solution: Three Bags Full Consignment Pop Ups


We’ll assign you a Consignor Number and activate your Consignor Account. Your Consignor Number is unique to you and will work at all Three Bags Full locations, now and in the future.

Step 2: Prep Your Items

In Person Events: Create your barcoded price tags from within your Consignor Account & get your items ready to sell. Pick the day/time you’ll bring your items to the venue.

Virtual Events: Upload a picture & add a description about your items. Bring your SOLD items to the venue on designated days.

Seller guides for consignors:

Step 3: Shop & Earn

Consignors shop from their fellow consignors before the public shops. This is the beauty of consigning: a community of families who support one another, and you have first look of all the merchandise.  Best Selection goes to Consignors!

You’re saving on your purchases & making money on your sold items, all at the same time.

A list of your sold items reflects in your Consignor Account, daily. Deposits happen fast.

Buy & Sell from one another!

You shop at the same time your stuff sells to another family. You price it. We all shop together. You get a fast deposit. #easy

Forget selling one or two things at a time. Our average families receive deposits over $400. (That’s some good spending money, mama!) Join us!

“I love Three Bags Full because I can clothe my kids for free! Sell old stuff to make money, spend half the usual cost by shopping the sale with the money I will be making. Win win!!”

~ Bonnie R.

“I LOVE sale week! It’s SO FUN to be around adults! Seeing my stuff sell, finding something I just have to get… Sale Week is THE BEST.  Be sure to do a shift…you won’t regret it!”

~ Amy

“It’s almost like a trade! I can sell my son’s outgrown stuff and purchase new. Great items and great prices.”

~ Rachel E

“Why do I love Three Bags Full? Who doesn’t love a great deal? A little extra money in my pocket all while helping other moms save money? Yes, please! One of the other things I love to do is look at my item list throughout Sale Week to see what I’ve sold. It’s almost like a game!’

~ Heidi

Need some EXTRA HELP?

Have quality items but would like someone to handle the details for you? Or, maybe you need the money now, and a cleaned up house? We have you covered.

VIP Service

Extra Help for Quality Items & Busy Parents

  • Complete the Application
  • We’ll partner you with a VIP Tagger
  • Your items will be picked up, prepped & tagged, then delivered to the venue on your behalf
  • Receive 45% and Consignor Shopping Passes
  • This service fills fast.
  • What we will accept for VIP Service:
      • boutique brand clothing infant-size 16
      • baby gear
      • toys
      • high quality shoes
      • bicycles, kitchens, play houses, etc.
      • coats, specialty wear

ASAP Service

Cleaned out now, with funds on the spot.

  • We’ll meet you to purchase your clean & quality items.
  • Make the most by consigning, but sometimes cleaned out & cash in hand is what is needed.
  • What We Will Buy:
      • baby gear
      • quality shoes
      • TOYS (slides, kitchens, Lego’s, American Girl, Little People & lots more)
      • some clothing & coats
  • Request a private appointment or advance notice for a “Buying Day” here

Want to know More?

Register & Receive a Consignor Number

In Person Events:

  • Register to receive a Consignor Number and to activate your Consignor Account. Pay the non-refundable & non-transferrable $10 Registration Fee. We do occasionally reach our maximum number of Consignor Spots. Register early to guarantee participation.
  • How much you do is up to you. Consignment split is 60% consignor, 40% Three Bags Full. Help out by adding shifts, and receive up to 80% (optional)
  • A Consignor Packet of additional info and shopping passes will be mailed to you.

Virtual Events:

  • Register to receive a Consignor Number and to activate your Consignor Account. Pay the non-refundable & non-transferrable $7 Registration Fee.
  • Consignment split is 70% consignor/30% Three Bags Full. Sell 75% or more of your items to receive an additional 5%.

Gather & Tag Your Items

In Person Events:

  • Gather your best items & make barcoded pricetags from your Consignor Account. Refer to The Consignor Guide for pricing & prepping help.
  • Clothing needs hung. Toys with pieces need bagged up in clear ziploc bags. Clean off shoes. Select your best items!

Virtual Events:

  • Gather your best items.  Lay it flat or wear it to take a great, well-lit photo. Upload the photo & add descriptive info so shoppers can find your item within the catalog. Organize your items by the assigned “Item Number” so you know what sold. No clothing needs hung. Prep your items after they have sold.

Drop It Off

In Person Events:

  • Select a day/time to bring your items to the Venue. Place all items in their respective department.

Virtual Events:

  • Bring all sold items, prepped & labeled with the BUYER TAG (located within your Consignor Account), to the venue during designated times. Check the items in & place them in the respective buyer’s bag.


In Person Events:

  • Consignors receive First Look at the merchandise, so receive Best Selection. Consignors are shopping from each other, while we handle the actual sale of your own items.
  • Your shopping time is based upon your chosen Tier Level (if you added shifts to help out). Refer to the Consignor Agreement, located in your Consignor Account, for full information.

Virtual Events:

  • Consignors receive access to the Virtual Catalog before anyone else. Whomever checks out first gets the item. Check out often, using the same email each time. We will combine your orders into one master order for when you pick up your purchases.

Check your Sales!

In Person Events:

  • Sold items are reflected in your Consignor Account daily.

Virtual Events:

  • Sold items are reflected in your Consignor Account daily, along with the respective Buyer Tag, which you will place on the respective Sold item.

Receive your Deposit!

In Person & Virtual Events:

  • PayPal deposits (we pay the fee) occur within 10 business days (usually 4-5) of the conclusion of the event. Your Consignor Report at the conclusion of the event lists all items sold, your percentage and any related Consignor Fees (consignor fee is waived if you add a shift; refer to the Consignor Agreement for complete information)
  • If you do not accept the PayPal deposit, it is returned to us after 30 days and we issue a paper check. Refer to the Consignor Agreement for complete information.
  • Make sure the email listed in your Consignor Account is the same email associated with your PayPal account.


Have a few unsold items?

In Person Events:

  • On average, families sell 75% and receive deposits of $400+.  Preparing your best items and pricing them to be attractive to shoppers is the key to high sales.
  • If something does not sell, you can retrieve it during the designated timeframe or you can leave it and after the Super Sale (a chance for additional sales) it will be donated on your behalf to St. Vincent dePaul and other local charities.

Virtual Events:

  • Virtual events were added in 2021 and we are excited to see them grow. How much sells is based upon how much you share the catalog with others, your pricing & quality of photos/info added.
  • If items do not sell, they can be transferred to another Virtual or In Person Event.
  • Store photos in an album on your phone, as they are not stored within your Consignor Account after the conclusion of the season.

Sell again?

Your Consignor Number remains the same for all Three Bags Full locations now and in the future. If you would like to sell at additional locations, you can transfer your inventory from one account to another. Please make sure to follow the transfer directions located in the Consignor Guide to avoid having to re-tag your items.

Why 3BF instead of a Local Selling Wall?


As we’ve learned, there is value in a community of people with a common purpose. Working together, making new relationships and being part of a bigger purpose has a lot of value.


It’s simple. It doesn’t drag out and end up with pieces/parts on your porch or in your trunk.  Keeping track and all of the conversations (“Is this available?”) are eliminated.   Read more here from a mom blogger.



Sell a lot, all at one time, while you are purchasing items for your own family for the next season. Come home from the Consignor Pre-Sale with everything you need. One trip, one night. Done. 

If you need extra help, we also offer VIP tagging services. Space is limited so please request assistance early.


Have confidence in a group of people joining together for one common purpose: selling their stuff, and buying yours.  Meet-ups in parking lots or homes are eliminated.

Your Consignor Number is also confidential. Earning a return on your initial investment on that item helps your family. Selling it at a great price helps another family.   What you sell is confidential.


It can be a great family activity. Kids learn the value of money, and as they get older, they can help you tag items, learning the value keeping toys in good condition, with pieces intact. Instead of solo listing/mailing/meeting up, get the family involved. Many spouses help with the process, and we have 20 years worth of “3BF Kids” who LOVE Three Bags Full! 

Why 3BF instead of a Garage Sale?



We handle the set up, clean up, selling and distributing of money. You just prepare your great items. On average, consignors sell more, at a higher amount, than a garage sale, with $400+ and 75% sold being an average. 

Because it’s a large group of families who work together, you can shop at the same time your items are selling. Many consignors organize their schedule around Consignor Shopping Night!


We have the resources for a boutique-style sale. Racks, fixtures, banners, point of sale software, advertising.  Sell more, without hours in the garage when you’re not even sure about the Ohio weather or the turn out.


A large group of people working together, but not at your own personal residence? Amazing. 


Don’t miss out on next season’s items because you’re trying to sell what you don’t need. Maximize the power of Three Bags Full families who buy & sell from one another… all at the same time.

Good to Know

  • Average deposits of $400+
  • Keep 60%-80% (the more you do the less you pay)
  • Your stuff sells even when you aren’t there
  • Deposits give you fast access to your cash
  • Serving Central Ohio families for 20 years

Tell a Friend!

Our “Refer A Friend” program offers you, and your new consigning friend, a $10 shopper credit known as “3BF Bucks”  No limit to the amount you can earn. Help a friend get started, then have fun shopping together.

Shopping Perks

  • Consignors always receive First Look and the best selection of merchandise
  • One central check out keeps it simple
  • Organized & neat like a boutique
  • Shop for what you need, while you’re selling what you don’t
  • One night of shopping: done


  • Maximize your time & energy by selling a lot at one time
  • If you need some extra help, we have VIP taggers who will pick up your items & tag them for you. 
  • If you need cash now, we also have an “ASAP” program. Biggest return is consigning, but sometimes this is what you need.
  • Supply & Demand. Earn more for your items, on average, than any other selling avenue.