Have stuff you'd like to sell, too?

It’s the “mom’s helping moms” sale! 

Buy & Sell from one another!

You shop at the same time your stuff sells to another family. You price it. We all shop together. You get a fast deposit. #easy

Forget selling one or two things at a time. Our average families receive deposits over $400. (That’s some good spending money, mama!) Join us!

From My House to Yours

Mom’s know:

  • Kids grow fast
  • Stuff’s expensive
  • There’s a better way than random meet-ups
  • COMMUNITY & CONNECTIONS are important!

I'll buy from you. You buy from me.

  • Help a mama out! Sellers earn & shoppers save.
  • Sellers get the FIRST shopping appointments
  • Sell a bunch at once without being there
  • $350+ deposits for the average family

How it Works

  1. Register! Get a seller number & create an online account
  2. Tag it!  Price it how you want. (We can help)
  3. Bring it! Take it to the Pop Up Venue
  4. SHOP! (Sellers get a super special shop time)
  5. Deposits! Fast access to your cash

What does it “cost”?

  • $10 to register, receive a seller number & an online account to create price tags.
  • $20 consignor fee is waived (you pay $0) if you help out ($8 if up to 50 items & don’t help out)
  • 20%-40% (deducted from total sold), depending on how much you’d like us to do.
  • Remember: Shopper Club pass is included for Sellers! Complete details are in the Consignor Agreement, during the registration process.
Want someone else to tag it for you?

Want someone else to pick it up, tag it & take it to the venue? We can do that!

Just want it gone & money now? Let us know!


“I love Three Bags Full because I can clothe my kids for free! Sell old stuff to make money, spend half the usual cost by shopping the sale with the money I will be making. Win win!!”

~ Bonnie R.

“I LOVE sale week! It’s SO FUN to be around adults! Seeing my stuff sell, finding something I just have to get… Sale Week is THE BEST.  Be sure to do a shift…you won’t regret it!”

~ Amy

“It’s almost like a trade! I can sell my son’s outgrown stuff and purchase new. Great items and great prices.”

~ Rachel E

“Why do I love Three Bags Full? Who doesn’t love a great deal? A little extra money in my pocket all while helping other moms save money? Yes, please! One of the other things I love to do is look at my item list throughout Sale Week to see what I’ve sold. It’s almost like a game!’

~ Heidi

Sell at one or sell at them all!


Back in March, 2022!

The Grove Church 3420 Blacklick Eastern Rd NW Baltimore, OH


March 16-21, 2021

Location TBA


Back in April, 2022!

Hartford Fairgrounds 14028 Fairgrounds Rd Croton, OH

Want to know More?

Register & Receive a Seller Number

Register for a Seller Number & pay the non-refundable, non-transferrable $10-$15 registration fee. We do sell out of spots. When full, we accept RESTOCK Sellers. When those spots are full, we no longer accept more families for that Pop Up. Sellers keep 60%-80% based upon what TIER LEVEL you select. Refer to the Seller Resources Page for more deets.

Gather & Tag Your Items

Gather your items & make barcoded pricetags from your Seller Account. Refer to The Seller Resources page for pricing & prepping help. 

Drop It Off

Bring your items to the venue & help put them on the racks plus pick up your Sellers Only Early Shopping Pass!  Refer to the Seller Resources page for more deets. 


Sellers SHOP FIRST so get your lists ready! Your shop time depends on your chosen TIER LEVEL. Refer to the Seller Resources page for more deets. 

Check your Sales!

See what sold each day by checking your Seller Account each morning!

Receive your Deposit!

Fast PayPal deposits happen within 10 business days (usually 4-5). You’ll receive your deposit from the sale of your items, minus commission and related fees. (Need a check? We can issue one after 30 days with a $5 processing fee.)

Have a few unsold items?

Leave them and we’ll donate them for you. Want them back? Follow the pick up tips found on the Seller Resources Page. 

Sell again?

It’s easy to sell at additional locations! Just register, transfer your inventory and you’re good to go! Your number & inventory will wait for you for the next season, too! No need to retag. 🙂 

Why 3BF instead of a Local Selling Wall?

We can't wait to see you!

Grab a bestie & try us out. It’s fun and will absolutely bring you JOY!!  We have a good time and can’t we all use some lighthearted fun?? Sale Week is the BEST!

No Haggling - Less Hassle

No hassle from the low-ballers, late-comers, no-shows… you know what I mean! Read more here from a mom blogger.


Save Time

Sell a ton all at once vs a piece here and there. Why meet up with someone to make $4 (maybe) on a pair of jeans? Your time, energy and gas money are worth more than that! Sell it all in one place. #Done Make more that meet-ups, resale stores & garage sales. AVERAGE fams get a deposit of $350+ and don’t even have to be there. 


People underestimate the importance of safety and not meeting up with strangers. (They get a LOT of info from you without you knowing it!) Also, your seller number is confidential. That mooching friend? Tell her to shop the 3BF Pop Up! She’ll save. You’ll earn. #win 

Look up, Mama!

Bumping. Keeping Track. What’s just been posted. Did you win it? Look up, mama! We spend so much time on screen’s already. Forget the screen. Sell it all in one place in just a few days. Move on and love the life you live! #Done # Easy

Why 3BF instead of a Garage Sale?



You’re going to spend time somewhere. Do you really want to spend your weekend cleaning out the garage so you can organize your stuff? Or hanging out in the cold? In the Heat? Rained out and super slow? Maximize your time- SELL & SHOP at the SAME TIME. Plus, no haggling. No wasted weekend. Your stuff sells while you do your mom thing. #Easy

We do the Heavy Lifting

We advertise, set up, sell & clean up. Not you. You probably don’t look forward to spending all. that. time. in your garage, now do you? Go live your life! SELL your stuff the SAME TIME you’re shopping. Or at home. Or at work. #Easy

No Haggling with Strangers

No haggling.  No strangers scoping out your house and meeting your kids.  At 3BF you price it. You decide to discount it (or not) at the end. We sell it. #Done # Easy

Super Special Shop Time

Sellers shop first. When it’s gone, it is gone! So getting first dibs means best selection & best deals. Tag 10 or more items to get that super special shop time! Why miss out on the deals while you’re waiting in your garage? SELL & SHOP at the SAME TIME. One Weekend. #Done

Good to Know

  • Average deposits of $350+ 
  • Keep 60%-80% (the more you do the less you pay)
  • Your stuff sells even when you aren’t there
  • Deposits give you fast access to your cash
  • Serving Central Ohio families for 16 years!

Tell a Friend!

For every new selling family you refer, YOU get $10 3BF Bucks and THEY get $10 3BF Bucks. 

  • New family fills out the “Refer a Friend” form when they bring their items to the Pop Up Venue
  • When you pay for your items on Sellers Night, tell the cashier you have some 3BF Bucks! 
  • We will deduct $10 for EACH family you refer!
  • Unlimited 3BF Bucks!

Shopping Perks

  • Sellers have super special shop times
  • One central check-out. No hassles for you.
  • Organized like a department store. No digging!
  • Your stuff sells to another mom while you are busy shopping
  • Get next season’s stuff all in one night. #Done

No time?

  • 3 ways to sell. We can do it all or do a little. 
  • Forget gas guzzling time busters to sell a few pieces
  • Forget the BST drama, mama
  • Earn top dollar not change
  • Clean out. Cash In. Live your life. #done

Want us to do it all? Just want cash now?

Mama – we get it! Sometimes we all need a little help. Our VIP and ASAP services do it all for you.

VIP Service: We pick it up, tag it & sell it.

Want us to do it all? No time?

Get Red Carpet Service on high quality items!

  • We pick it up, tag it, & deliver it to the venue
  • It’s out of your house & cash is on its way!
  • You receive an Early Shopping Pass
  • You receive your Deposit at the end of the Pop Up. #Done
  • Spots fill fast!
  • What we will accept for VIP Service:
      • boutique brand clothing infant-size 16
      • baby gear
      • toys
      • high quality shoes
      • bicycles, kitchens, play houses, etc.

ASAP Service: Get paid now for in demand items

  • Buying Days scheduled monthly
  • Meet at the Costco parking lot @ Easton
  • What We Will Buy:
      • baby gear
      • quality shoes
      • TOYS (slides, kitchens, Lego’s, American Girl, Little People & lots more
  • Want advanced notice of when Buying Days will happen? Add your name to the list below! (You’ll receive an email & a text when the next BUYING DAY is scheduled)