What You Can Sell...

Accepted items and tips on our top sellers!


Bring your BEST!

We have high quality, very organized events. Please do not bring items that are stained, worn out, out of date, smoky, musty or showing animal hair. Mama’s won’t buy them! 

Juniors, Adults & Maternity do require specific seasons and brands, so read the Accepted Items list carefully!

$2 Minimum

Would you purchase it for $2.00? If not, either bundle it with other items or donate it.

How to Bundle? Small items like socks, hats, binkies, bibs, etc can be pinned onto, and sold with, an outfit. Several books of the same reading level can be sold as one item by wrapping the in saran wrap or putting them in freezer bag. The minimum value must be $2.00. 

Working Order

Customers come back because of our high quality items! 

Making sure all electronics work, pieces are present, and everything is in good working order is imperative. If it doesn’t turn on, doesn’t work or is missing important pieces, please do not bring it! 

Best Sellers!

Tag these items first!


  1. Large, outside play: Play houses, climbing gyms, sand tables, wagons, picnic tables, power wheels, bicycles, etc.
  2. Large, inside play: Kitchens, doll houses, work benches, etc.
  3. Toys: Lego, Pokemon, Little People, etc. All ages, types, etc including electronic.
  4. Baby equipment: Strollers, pack-n-play’s, hi-chairs, etc.
  5. Boutique & Better Brand Clothing: any size (priced right, of course!) Especially boys 3T-12!!
  6. Shoes: high quality, no scuffs, excellent condition
  7. Specialty Wear: rain coats, costumes, dance, Holiday
  8. Sporting Goods & Camping Equipment
  9. Authentic (with receipt attached) designer purses & diaper bags
  10. American Girl Dolls & accessories,

Complete List:

Not sure? Don’t see it on the list?  Just ask!

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Outdoor & Pretend Play

**BEST SELLERS** Kitchens, work benches, toy boxes, sand boxes, picnic tables, wagons, play houses, slides, climbers, bicycles etc.

Baby Gear

**BEST SELLERS**   High Chairs, exer-saucers, bouncie seats, packnplay’s, activity centers, strollers, Cribs (manufactured June 28, 2011 or later) etc.  CRIB FORM is required to sell a crib! Print & bring with you.


Fisher Price, American Girl, Lego, Pokemon, Little People & super hero, trains, cars, trucks & TONS MORE. All electronics must turn on.


Pickerington & Hilliard:

  • MAX of 150 TOTAL clothing items infant-size 18.
  • MAX of 20 total clothing items in EACH of juniors/womens/mens.
  • Infant-2T & juniors/adults must be current season only.


  • NO overall clothing limit
  • MAX of 20 total clothing items in EACH of juniors/womens/mens.
  • Infant-2T & Juniors/adults must be current season only.

Juniors/Adults: TRENDY, high quality, BEST brands & current season ONLY

Maternity: Bring 15 pieces of current, great condition clothing, which is free to shoppers, and receive $10 3BF Bucks. (No tagging needed on maternity)


All ages, all sizes, all seasons. (NO play shoes. No obvious scuffs, dirt or wear.)


Clean it up! Zip tie to a hanger. Designer? Attach a receipt!

Baby Needs

Wraps, Carriers, feeding, monitors, maternity aides

Diaper Bags

Clean it up! Zip tie to a hanger. Designer? Attach a receipt!

Bath & Swim

Shower curtains, tubs, towels, swimsuits, floaties, goggles

Games & Puzzles

Wooden Peg & Floor puzzles; board games, card games, etc

School & Travel

Backpacks, suitcases, bookbags

Sporting & Camping Equipment

Bats, golf clubs, baseball gloves, skateboards, skates, hockey sticks, helmets, fishing poles, sleeping bags, camp stoves, etc.


Wii, Xbox, PS4, Leap Frog, DS, etc


Maximum of 12 tags. Bundle similar level books together.


Scrapbooking albums, cases, paper cutters, kid-themed picture frames, character cake pans, etc.


Frames, wall hangings, lamps, dining sets, end tables, chairs, hutch, bedroom furniture, outdoor furniture (Thursday afternoon drop off only)

A Note about Clothing:

Tag your BEST = SUCCESS.  Shoppers decide what they’ll buy.  Price it like you’d buy it.

  • Spend time tagging your BEST items, the ones mama’s want to purchase. 
  • Don’t tag too loved “play clothes.” 
  • Double check for stains in GOOD lighting! 
  • Look at your items with “fresh eyes” to make sure it isn’t too loved.
  • Price it like you’d buy it. (Other moms don’t have a memory with your clothing)
  • Bundle items together. 
  • Review the Item Limits for each specific location, as it varies! *NEW*

Items We Can’t Accept:

Experience tells us these don’t sell well or are illegal to sell. Remember: Tag your best!

Recalled? Damaged? Risk?

  • Especially baby gear, make sure it isn’t recalled by checking We Make It Safer or CPSC.
  • Broken? Missing pieces important to using the item? Skip it.
  • Due to the CPSIA and risk/liability, we do not re-sell carseats


Unfortunately, comforters, and the like don’t sell well and take up a lot of room. Therefore, we do not accept:

  • comforters, quilts, sheets, dust ruffles
  • bumper pads, mattresses, mattress covers

Stained, Scuffed, Hairy, Worn Out, Old

  • Triple check for stains! (Mama’s don’t want stained stuff)
  • Is it worn out? Out-dated?  Scuffed, smelly or smokey? Didn’t get clean in the wash? Skip it.
  • Pet hair? Clean it up or skip it.

Adult Themed & Media

  • Adult books
  • Adult themed books
  • Any VHS or DVD
  • Any CD

Stuffed Stuff

  • “Stuffed toys” must DO something or be a character or a Build a Bear. No random stuffed animals.
  • We cannot accept anything with fiber fill in a bag. Safety pin or zip tie fiber fill items as we take care of sanitizing it for you with SteriFab. 


  • Blankets, Breast Pumps or used breast pump parts
  • Bibs & burp cloths (unless new- then it needs to be sold with an outfit)
  • Used nipples.pacifiers, rubber coated cups/utensils, etc
  • Opened cardboard box puzzles (unless LARGE pieces that are countable)
  • Appliances, computers, printers, office items, etc.(Keurig’s are accepted)