Kids outgrown their clothes?

Toys no longer needed? Out of the baby phase?

Join a community of families who buy & sell from one another.

Local. Sustainable. Fun. (And profitable, too!)

Buy & Sell from One Another

When you join together, amazing things can happen! 

A community endeavor where families buy & sell from one another. Both in person and online, our consignment pop ups have served the Central  Ohio community since 2003.

In Person: tag your kids’ items & home goods then shop everyone’s merchandise all at the same time. Sellers enter first for a relaxed & private shopping experience, then we open for the general public. 60%-80% consignment percentage & fast deposits. Donate unsold items or pick them up.

Virtual: list your kids’ items, home goods, household & automotive, holiday items & more. Shop the online catalog first, and whomever checks out first receives the item. Take all of your sold mercandise to one local venue, and place it in the shopper’s bag. Pick up all of your own purchases at one time, in one place.  70% consignment percentage with an increase of 5% if you sell 75% or more. Fast deposits and avoid all of the headaches of B/S/T groups.

How to Begin:

Register and receive a “consignor number” which is your private identification number. You’ll have access to an online account to create price tags (in person) or list your items (online). Registration fee: $7-$10 depending on event

Sellers always shop first, for a relaxed & private experience prior to opening to the public.

Deadlines are important, so create price tags and list items by indicated dates, as shown during Registration.

Where we’re popping up next:


shoes and boots

Hilliard Area

Aug 23-26 & Nov 8-11

Virtual Sale

Three Bags Full Pop Up Shops

Johnstown Area

Sept 26-30


Lancaster Area

Oct 12-15

Virtual Sale

Why Consign instead of a Local Selling Wall?


No Annoying Convo's

“Is this available?”  We’ve eliminated the need to communicate with prospective buyers, yet you maintain complete control over your items & their pricing. All of the questions, convo’s, and following up has been eliminated. The time saved is enormous. 


A bunch at once

So, you’ve taken your pics and posted them in the comments and waited for people to respond, and figured out a meeting place, or piled it on your porch, then wait for them to show, then begin all over while you still have a pile in your closet. Maximize your time by selling everything all at once. Done. 

What about shopping?

Tired of missing out? Being bumped? Picking up pieces instead of everything for the season? Shopping from other families WHILE YOUR OWN ITEMS SELL, is the key.  Sellers always shop first, in a relaxed & private environment; our online catalog is opened to sellers first, too.

No Haggling

No hassle from the low-ballers, late-comers, no-shows… you know what I mean! Read more here from a mom blogger.


People underestimate the importance of safety and not meeting up with strangers, even if it’s a “public place.”

Why Consign instead of a Garage Sale?


It’s Ohio. Maybe you hit a good weekend. Maybe not.

We do the Heavy Lifting

Before you even begin to have a garage sale, you need to clean out the garage. We handle everything with the venue, including the racks, the space and the clean up.


If you’re sitting in your garage, you’re not shopping from others. That’s the beauty of Three Bags Full. Everyone is shopping at the same time their own stuff is selling. Plus, you have hundreds of people shopping your items instead of trickling in throughout the day.


What about the stuff that didn’t sell? Just pile it in your car and dump it somewhere? Get a return on your investment by selling it at Three Bags Full. What doesn’t sell can be retrieved or we’ll donate it for you to St. Vincent de Paul and other local family & children’s charities. Our average families sell more othan 75% of their merchandise.


No strangers scoping out your house and meeting your kids. Or showing up the day before hoping to score a deal.

Why Three Bags Full?

A community of families.

When we all pool our resources, big things happen. Since 2003 we’ve connected families and it’s a beautiful thing. 

You price it. We sell it.

You price your items. We provide tips & recommendations, but we don’t tell you the pricepoints. The average family receive deposits over $400. Many families make more than they spend, “trading up” for the next season. Deposits pay for dance, doctors, vacations, regular household bills and more.


Sellers shop first in a relaxed & private environment. Most items are quantity one, so sellers have the first opportunity to make purchases.  Many families clothe their children for free. They sell enough the first night to cover the cost of what they purchased. 


If an item doesn’t sell, it can be retrieved or we’ll donate it for you to St. Vincent de Paul and other local family & children’s charities. Our average families sell more othan 75% of their merchandise.

Safety & Information

You’re given a confidential seller number. Everything in your account will list what you tagged, what sold, the price it sold and when it sold. You can keep track and see sales every day. The Seller Report at the conclusion of the weekend is a summary of your account, even what you donated. No conversations or meet-ups with prospective buyers. 

Extra Help

Every family has a different need. We have experienced families who will tag your items for you. You receive a smaller deposit, but someone else has taken care of the details. Want it gone now?  We host “Buying Days” throughout the year. With multiple events in Central Ohio, you can easily participate in multiple sales using the same tags. Our in person events provide the opportunity to receive up to 80% of the selling price by contributing towards the sale of your items. Optional, not required.

Three Bags Full is a family of families, just like yours. Join us and resell your items in a fun, profitable & simplified way.