Kids outgrown their clothes?

Toys no longer needed? Out of the baby phase?

Join a community of families who buy & sell from one another.

Local. Sustainable. Fun. (And profitable, too!)

Buy & Sell from One Another

When you join together, amazing things can happen! Sell to other families, shopping for what you need at the same time. Every spring & fall, online and on location throughout Central Ohio. Join us & experience the “Three Bags Full” difference. 

Where we’re popping up next:


Virtual Pop Ups

Aug & Nov

Pick up purchases Aug. 9 3pm-7pm at the Makoy Center: 5462 Center St Hilliard

Nov: Newark & Lancaster


Sept. 13-17

The Grove Church 3420 Blacklick Eastern Rd NW, Baltimore


Sept. 27-Oct. 1

Hartford Fairgrounds 14028 Fairgrounds Rd, Croton


Oct. 12-15

Union Co. Fairgrounds 845 N Main St, Marysville

Seller spots open Sept. 6

Delaware Co

November 3-5, 2022

10561 Sawmill Road, Powell

Seller spots open Sept 6


Nov. 13-17

VIRTUAL POP UP   Item pick up: Lancaster

Seller spots open Oct. 1

Still unsure about consigning?  Check out our FAQ below!

How does consigning with Three Bags Full work?

Families join together to buy & sell from one another. You price & prep the items you’re selling. How much you want us to do is up to you!

  1. Register. This gives you a seller number & creates an account for you to tell us what you’re selling
  2. Prep your items.  Online? Take a pic & enter a description. On Location? Hang clothing & bundle toys, etc. putting a price tag on each item.
  3. On Location?  Bring your items to the venue and place them on the sales floor. Easy & efficient! Online? Prep what sells & take it to the venue for shoppers to pick up
  4. SHOP FIRST.  Sellers always shop first, included in registration.
  5. Get paid. Deposits hit your account within 10 business days, but usually 4-5.  60%-80%, it’s up to you!

Get Started Today!

Why Consign instead of a Local Selling Wall?


People underestimate the importance of safety and not meeting up with strangers.

No Haggling - Less Hassle

No hassle from the low-ballers, late-comers, no-shows… you know what I mean! Read more here from a mom blogger.


Less Wasted Time

Really? Meet up with someone to make $4 on a pair of jeans (maybe)? Your time, energy and resources are worth more than that! Sell everything in one place, where you earn a fair, yet maximum, amount on your gently-used merchandise; best yet, you can buy too!

Why Consign instead of a Garage Sale?



You’re going to spend time somewhere. Why not maximize your time and sell your items where thousands of moms shop (and buy)? You price it, we sell it. Done.

EARLY Shopping Privileges

When it’s gone, it is gone! Getting first dibs means best selection & best deals. Consign a minimum of 10 items to shop before the public.

We do the Heavy Lifting

We advertise, set up, sell & clean up

No Haggling with Strangers

No haggling.  No strangers scoping out your house and meeting your kids.