Drop Off and Pick Up

Bring your tagged items to the Pop Up Shop!

Bringing Your Items 

Our Pop Up Shops are ORGANIZED!  Follow these tips to help your items SELL.

Before Arriving

Schedule an Appointment:

    • Schedule your appointment from your online Seller Account before the system close date.
    • If you need to come more than once, schedule your appointment for when you plan on bringing the majority of your items.

Read through these Directions prior to Loading

Complete the Online Check-In:

    • We send this via text & email. Complete it at home, before packing up your vehicle.

Plan on 15-60 minutes:

    • How long it takes depends on when you come & how many items you have. Morning and evening hours are busiest.
    • Kids are welcome but not encouraged.
    • We close promptly at indicated times. (Refer to the “Bring it” section of the Seller Resources)

Organize your Items:  

    • Keep clothing organized by size & gender for a faster drop off

    CLEAN your items.

      • Dirty, stained, scuffed, out-dated items will be removed from the sales floor.

    When You Arrive:

    • New Seller? Find a Sale Manager for additional help! 🙂
    • Park & come inside to retrieve a shopping cart and/or rolling rack to assist you in unloading your items
    • Take a picture of your shopping pass
    • (90% sellers & Paid Drop & Go: Refer to directions specific to your location, found in Seller Resources)

    Placing Your Items:

    1. Clothing: hang clothing in the correct size/gender. If it hangs over the bar, move it down.
      • Infant-2T, juniors, mens, womens: give to helper who will inspect & put on rack. Take home what we cannot accept. Pay attention to item limits in these categories.
    2. Shoes: place in the bag/bin, by size,  in front of the shelving
    3. Books: place on shelf according to approxiate age.
    4. Games: leave on inspection table.
    5. Toys: place in age area based on alphabetical signage.
    6. Baby Items: place on tables based on signage.
    7. Home Goods: place on tables based on signage
    8. Too large to easily carry while shopping? Complete & attach a CLAIM TICKET. Follow posted directions.
    9. Not sure?  ASK! Helpers are available!

    Note: If you do not feel well or have a temperature over 100.4 degrees, please have someone else bring your items or use the Paid Drop & Go service


    Late? Missed Appt?

    No problem! Just come during the listed hours, under the “Bring it” Section of the Seller Resources. Plan on 15-60 minutes, depending on item count. We do close promptly at indicated times.

    Your Conduct

    Removing items from the sales floor, setting items aside for personal use, Parking Lot Sales, “hiding or misplacing items” do constitute theft and will be prosecuted.

    Selling at Another Location?

    Just register, transfer & add more items if you have more to sell! Print & Follow these Directions!

    Unsold Items

    We focus on sales. But, ultimately shoppers decide. If it didn’t sell, it’s usually because of Price or Condition. Do you really want it back?  (Isn’t a cleaned out house nice?) Just leave it and we will donate it on your behalf.

    If you do want it back, or are taking it to another location (be sure to adjust price or condition first), follow these tips for an easy Pick Up!

    Note:  The SUPER SAVINGS SALE happens AFTER pick up concludes.  All remaining items without dots will be 50% off and all items with dots will be 75% off. Anything not picked up will be included in this sale, and will be donated at its conclusion. Increase your revenue… and do you really want it back?


    Be Prepared

    • Make an Appointment! (This is NEW and IMPORTANT!)
    • Review your Unsold Items Report in your seller account at about 30 minutes after we close to shoppers.
    • Determine what you really want back
    • Allow enough time; arrive early NOT late
    • Leave kids at home, if possible
    • Bring a bag/tote with you
    • Read the Complete Pick Up Directions (below) if getting all unsold items back is important to you.
    • Anything left in the building at the designated time is included in the Super Sale (50%-75% off) and if unsold, is promptly donated.

    Be Methodical

    • Check EVERY row/table/etc.& TOUCH every item in the building if getting it back is important to you.
    • Marking off a list usually creates stress
    • Check the lost & sold tags in the red bin near check-out.
    • Check the bag of tags for items that have sold during Pick Up (YES you can buy during pick up)
    • Check the “oops” pile
    • Remember: We focus on SALES! Price it right, have great condition items and it’ll sell!
    • If you leave it, it’ll automatically be included in the Super Sale, which will increase your deposit!

    Be Patient!

    • 99.9% of the time the item you are looking for IS in the building. Did you follow ALL of the procedures correctly?
    • Give yourself enough time so you aren’t rushed.
    • Remember: Items left at the end of pick up are included in the Super Sale then if unsold, they are donated to St. Vincent DeHaven, Pregnancy Decision Health Centers, New LIfe Baby Pantry and others. They are put to GREAT use!
    • SUPER SAVINGS SALE: Items with dots: 75% off; Items without dots: 50% off. These are included in your total sales. If you leave items in the building when pick up concludes, they will be included in the Super Sale. If unsold, they are promptly donated, no exceptions.

    Complete Pick Up Procedures:

    1. Arrive during the designated “Pick-Up APPOINTMENT”  (no exceptions!). Do not enter the building  early.  Give yourself time: more time for more items. No early pick-ups. No exceptions.
    2. When tags become detached we do our best to match the lost tag with the lost item. When not possible, lost tags go in the “Lost Tag Drawer” located in the Red Box near checkout. Check this drawer for any “lost tags.”
    3. When an item without a tag needs to be sold, we complete an Inventory Search based upon the description of the item. DESCRIPTIONS ON YOUR TAGS ARE IMPORTANT. If we can find the correct tag, we sell it and you receive credit. If we cannot locate the correct tag, DeAnn places a “low side of fair” price on the item, and it is sold. That “sold tag” goes into the “SOLD TAG DRAWER” located in the Red Box near check-out. Check this box at pick-up to see if any items appear to be yours and follow the steps indicated. (Proceeds from these items are donated to charity).
    4. When an item is pulled off the sales floor due to stains, damage, etc. it is put in an “Oops!” box. Check these boxes to see if your item is present.
    6. Yes! You can make purchases during pick-up!!! Check the “sold tags bag” if you’re missing an item. 
    7. ALL items will be inspected BEFORE leaving the building to make sure ONLY your consignor number has been picked up. It is easy to reverse numbers and accidentally get someone else’s things. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    If getting unsold items back is important to you, follow these steps:

    1. TOUCH EACH ITEM IN THE BUILDING, looking at the consignor number NOT the item. (Items get moved around by shoppers- boys clothing may be found in toys, girls, books, etc, for example)
    2. Quickly flip through each hanger, checking the consignor number on the tag. Check ALL rows.
    3. Be methodical- start with one row, finish with that row.