VIP Service for Busy Fams

Want us to “Do It All?”

No time? Just want it gone?

Our experienced Taggers will pick it up, price it, tag it, & take it to the Pop Up Shop. #redcarpetservice

Quality Items

You’ll pay 55% Commission & Seller Fee (deducted from total sales).  Service is best for high quality, in-demand items. Best part? It’s out of the house & you receive a nice deposit!


YES! VIP Service includes a Sellers Only Preview Party Pass! Your kids still need to be clothed, right? SAVE TONS when you shop the Pop Up where your own items are being sold!

How the VIP Service Works

Fill Out the Application

We need to make sure your items are high quality & in-demand for this #redcarpetservice! Let us know what you’ve got & we will connect you with a Tagger in your area.

Meet with Your VIP Tagger

An experienced VIP Tagger will contact you to arrange for pick-up of your items, in a public place. At that appointment she will review the Seller Agreement for Tier: VIP Service, inspect your items (agreeing to tag only what she thinks will sell), explain Early Shopping Perks and the optional transfer service. You’re finished!

Sit Back & Relax!

Your VIP Tagger will prepare, tag and drop off your items at any one Three Bags Full Pop Up Shop, location determined by the VIP Tagger. You can view your sold items throughout the week from your Seller Account.  (Get your shopping list ready as that Tier: VIP Service includes a Sellers Only Preview Party Pass!) We’ll deposit your Tier: VIP Service earnings within 10 business days and provide a donation report for any unsold items. Easy!

Apply Now for VIP Tagging

No infants, junior, womens or maternity clothing accepted unless Boutique. Size 2T-16 better and boutique brands only.

FAQ about the Tier: VIP Service

What is "Tier: VIP Service?"

A busy mom/dad/gma who has high quality items, baby gear, in-demand items and just doesn’t want to tag it themselves but would LOVE to clean out  & cash in. This #redcarpetservice is suitable for boutique brands, baby gear, toys, shoes, etc. such as Mini Boden, Hannah Anderson, American Girl, Lego’s, Thomas the Train, wagons, kitchens, climbing towers, slides, etc.

Tier: VIP Service has 55% commission and a related Seller Fee (based on item count & condition) which is deducted from your sold items’ earnings.  

What Can I Sell?

Baby Gear: strollers, cribs, hi-chairs, pack n play’s, bouncie seats, swings, etc.

Toys: electronic toys, Lego’s, American Girl, doll houses, trains, trucks, etc.

Outside Toys: bicycles, wagons, sandboxes, play houses, power wheels, etc.

Shoes: all sizes and all seasons (no scuffs, tears, dirt, etc) of upscale brands;

Purses & diaper bags: designer brands only in clean/excellent condition 

Clothing: size 3T-16 current season only (spring/summer for spring events & fall/winter for fall events). Boutique & Better Brands only. (Gymboree, Janie & Jack, Matilda Jane, Mini Boden, Lands’ End, LLBean, North Face, Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc)  (Infant-2T, Juniors & Women’s is based upon your Tagger’s availability & discretion. Not sure? Ask your VIP Tagger!)    

Can I shop?

Absolutely! All Tier: VIP Service Sellers recieve a Sellers Only Preview Party Pass for Tuesday & Friday night during the Pop Up Shop. Bring your Tier: VIP Service Signed Agreement with you and a photo ID for admission.  Times, date & location is pringed on your Agreement.

How do I get started?

Complete the VIP Consignor Application and we will reply with more information.

Gather & Organize your items in preparation for your appointment. 

  • Clothing: clean, freshly laundered clothing which is organized by size/gender. Group outfits together. Note: current season only, no discount brands, 3T-16 only.
  • Toys/Gear: must be clean & in good working order. All electronics must turn on.

Register and pay the non-refundable, non-transferrable Registration Fee once you have been in communication with your Tagger.

Meet with your Tagger and you’re finished! 

  • Tier: VIP Serivce Seller Fee is based upon number of items, condition at your Appointment and if items are hung. The more you do, the less the Tier: VIP Service Seller Fee.
  • Apply early!  We fill up FAST!      
Who tags my items?

Mama’s just like you! 

These experienced Three Bags Full sellers have high sell through rates on their own items, know how to price & prep and maximize sales. Plus, they’re pretty fun. 🙂

What happens to my unsold items?

We donate your unsold items on your behalf. If you’d like to take unsold items to another location, discuss this with your VIP Tagger. She can pick them up for you and re-deliver them to another location for a small fee. A report is provided for tax purposes on all unsold & donated items. VIP Taggers price items to sell and have a consistently high sell-through rate.You have access to your inventory reports/sales, etc during Sale Week in your online account.    

How much will I earn and how am I paid?

You’ll earn less than if you did the work yourself (Which you can! Just register as a Sellerr!!), but more than if you tried selling it through a local re-sale store, a garage sale or those nuisance selling walls. Plus, it’s out of your house!  Our Tier: ASAP Service is great for the “need cash now” scenario, but if you can wait a bit for your earnings, VIP Tagging is a great way to earn cash with little effort.  

You’ll receive a PayPal deposit on the value of your items’ sales, minus the 55% commision & related fee (see below) within 10 business days. Don’t have PayPal? It’s easy and free to sign up for an account, which has many free options for transferring and using your funds. (If you opt out of PayPal, you can receive a paper check via snail mail within 30 days.)

Tier: VIP Service Seller Fee (deducted from Earnings): 

  • $12 for 50 or fewer items entered
  • $20 for 51-150 items entered
  • $25 for 151+ items entered
    • Add $10 if items are not in size/gender order and outfits put together when meeting with Tagger
    • Deduct $5 if items are hung (50 or fewer total items)
    • Deduct $8 if items are hung (51-150 items)
    • Deduct $12 if items are hung (151+ items)