Seller Resources

Your Step by Step Guide to 3BF!

Welcome Sellers!  If you’re registered, then use the links below to jump to each section for quick tips. Not registered yet? Visit the REGISTRATION page. Also be sure to join the 3BF Consignor Community Facebook Page for real time help! 

Tag it!

Prepping, Pricing & Tagging your items!


Bring it!

Bringing your items to the venue: schedule, tips & getting your SHOPPER PASS



Shopping Schedules and Friends & Family passes


Receiving your deposit, percentages & details!

Unsold Items?

Donate it? Pick it up? Up to you!

Tag it! Prepping, Pricing & Tagging Your Items

Get Started!

Use the links below to identify WHAT you can sell and HOW to prepare your items!. Need pricing tips? Not sure how to hang multiple items on one hanger? It’s all here! Let us know if you need help! 

Bring it! Drop Off Schedule & Directions

How Drop Off Works:

  1. Schedule your drop-off appointment .
  2. Plan on 30-60 minutes.
  3. Organize it!!

Pickerington Drop Off Schedule

Mon. 9/9:  9:30am-8:30pm

Tues. 9/10: 9:30am-11:30am

Wed. 9/11: 9:30am-11:30 am (restock) 

Thurs. 9/12: 2pm-7pm Decor Drop Off

Hilliard Drop Off Schedule

Mon 10/14:  10am-9pm

Tues. 10/15: 10am-12pm

Wed. 10/16: 10am12pm (restock)

Thur. 10/17: 2pm-7pm Decor Drop Off

Croton Drop Off Schedule

Sun. 9/22: 1pm-9pm

Mon. 9/23:  10am-3pm

Tues 9/24: 9am-11am

Wed. 9/25: 9:30am-11:30am (restock)

Thur. 9/26: 2pm-7pm Decor Drop Off

Note: We close at indicated times so arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

Shop! Schedule & Passes

  • Tuesday night of each Pop Up Shop is the Sellers Only Preview Party! (Half Price Preview Party is on Friday nights!)  Take a pic of your Pass when you check in at drop off. Passes are valid for you & your spouse &/or grandparent only. Kids welcome but not encouraged.
  • Which Tier are you? That determines your shop time. Help to sell your stuff by adding a shift. Refer to the Seller Agreement.
    • Tier 0: Tues @ 6pm & Fri @ 6:15pm 
    • Tier 1: Tues @ 5:45pm & Fri @ 6pm
    • Tier 2: Tues @ 5:30pm & Fri @ 6pm
    • Tier 3: Tues @ 5:15pm & Fri @ 6pm
    • Tier 4: Tues @ 5pm & Fri @ 6pm
    • Tier 5: Tues @ 4:30pm & Fri @ 6pm * Team Leads Only


  • SHARE:  All sellers are responsible for:
    • sharing Facebook posts to groups
    • distributing the Friends & Family pass to 10+ people
  • SHOP: during the Sellers Only shopping nights!

Getting Paid! Fast deposits are easy!

  • Deposits occur within 10 business days (usually 4-5).
  • Deposits are issued via PayPal to the email address in your Seller Account. Make sure the email you provide us is a valid PayPal account email. We use the email provided at the time the system closes prior to Sale Week. 
  • If your funds are not accepted into your PayPal account, they are returned to us after 30 days. We will then issue a paper check, minus a $5 processing fee, to the addres on file in your Seller Account. We pay the PayPal fees.  Click here for a printable version
  • Want to sell at another location? YES you can transfer your inventory! Follow these directions to avoid retagging.
  • Refer to the Seller Agreement, located within your Seller Account, for complete information about commission, fees, Tier Levels and more:

Tier Levels:

  • Tier 0: $20 Consignor Fee 51+ items ($8 fee 50 & fewer items), 0 shifts; 40% commission/60% deposit
  • Tier 1: Consignor Fee waived; 1 shift; 37% commission/63% deposit
  • Tier 2: Consignor Fee waived; 2 shifts; 35% commission; 65% deposit
  • Tier 3: Consignor Fee waived: 3 shifts; 30% commission/70% deposit
  • Tier 4: Consignor Fee waived; 4 shifts; 25% commission/75% deposit
  • Tier 5: Consignor Fee waived; 5 shifts; 20% commission/80% deposit (approved Team Leads only)

Unsold Items? Donate it or pick it up?

We focus on SALES & SELLING!

Pricing your items right & making sure they’re in excellent condition means shoppers will want to purchase them!

However, if some items aren’t purchased by shoppers, you can leave them and they are donated on your behalf to local children’s charities such as: 

  • Heath Baby Pantry
  • St. Vincent DeHaven
  • Heartbeats
  • Joseph’s Coat
  • Lots more

If you would like your unsold items back please read through the Pick Up Directions prior to arriving. Pick up is always Saturday of Sale Week from 4pm-7pm. No exceptions. (Refer to the “Dates to Record” located near your Seller Login!)