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Seeking Toys, Baby Gear & In-Demand Brands

{see notes below}

How the ASAP Service Works

Fill Out the Application

Use the Application below to get started!

Next, gather your items: Toys, wagons, playhouses, bicycles, baby gear (strollers, cribs, exersaucers, etc), shoes, etc.  No clothing except Boutique/Better Brand size newborn-16.(Gymboree, Janie & Jack, Gap & boutique brands only. No juniors, maternity or adult clothing.)

Meet with Our ASAP Buyer

We will review your Application and connect you with a Three Bags Full Buyer.  She will contact you and arrange a public meeting location.

At the appointment, the Three Bags Full Buyer will review your items and offer you a higher-than-average current resale value for accepted items and will give you a Guest Pass to shop before the public at any Three Bags Full event.

Get Paid!

You will be paid at your Appointment for all agreed upon items via PayPal deposit or check. (We do not handle cash transactions for your safety and ours).

You’ll also receive two exclusive Guest Passes!  You and a friend can shop before the public at any Three Bags Full event, as listed on the Guest Pass.

Frequently Asked Questions about our ASAP Service

What can I sell?
Toys: American Girl Dolls and Accessories, Legos, Pokemon, super hero, doll houses, trains, trucks, musical, electronic, educational, etc. Outside Play Toys: wagons, play houses, bicycles, sandboxes, basketball hoops, swing sets, etc. Baby  Equipment: strollers, hi-chairs, cribs, pack-n-play’s, exersaucers, etc. Nothing can be recalled. Visit to check recall status Bumbo seats, nursing aides, etc Shoes in excellent condition (all sizes) Coats in excellent condition Designer Diaper Bags & Purses (original receipt or box for Designer Purses required) Boutique and better brand clothing only, size newborn-size 16 (Matilda Jane, Gap, Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Boutique, etc.) Outfits receive highest value. We do not accept Adult, Junior or Maternity clothing with the ASAP Service. Spring/summer items accepted during spring events; fall/winter items accepted during fall events.
How much will I make?
Our ASAP Buyers are fluent in the world of resale. You’ll be offered more than the local re-sale stores, more than you’ll make at a garage sale and without all of the hassle!  
Are there any tips to earn maximum dollar?
Yes!  Items may be refused, or offered less, if they aren’t clean and neat. Make the most by cleaning up your toys, baby gear and clothing. Group outfits together and make sure all electronic items turn on. If it’s dirty or not working properly, we won’t be able to buy it. All Items Should Be:

  • From a smoke free home (or sanitized to remove all smoke odor)
  • From a pet free home (or sanitized to remove all pet odor and pet hair)
  • Freshly laundered with no stains, damage or showing wear; group outfits together
  • Wiped clean, with batteries (if necessary)and all pieces/parts included: TOYS, Baby Gear, Outside Toys, Bicycles,etc
  • NOT RECALLED  (Check
  • Sized Infant-size 16 clothing only (No juniors or womens clothing)
  • Scuff free (shoes) and dirt free (shoes, bicycles, strollers, outside toys, etc)

Sign Up for ASAP Service

No infants, junior, womens or maternity clothing accepted. Size 2T-16 boutique brands only.