Seller Resources

Your Step by Step Guide to 3BF

Welcome Sellers!

If you are registered, then use the links below to jump to each section for quick & easy tips.  Not registered yet? Visit the REGISTRATION page!   Also, be sure to join the 3BF Consignor Community facebook group where you can ask & answer questions & get “real time” help!

Tag it!

Prepping, Pricing & Tagging your items!

Bring it!

Bringing your items to the venue! Schedule, tips & getting your SHOPPERS PASS!



Shopping Schedule, TIER LEVELS plus Friends & Fam passes



Receiving your deposit, percentages & details!

Unsold Items

Donate it? Pick it up? Up to you! 

Get your Seller Number Here!


Good money, less hassle- plus killer shopping perks!

Pick your location & get started NOW! Limited spots available & they GO FAST! Get your own Seller Number with Three Bags Full!

Good to know:

  • Seller Numbers
    • stay the same FOREVER & work at ALL LOCATIONS
    • are private & confidential
    • give you access to make your BARCODED TAGS so you can CHECK WHAT SOLD every day!
  • Registration Fee is non-refundable & non-transferrable. Register for each location separately.(We rent separate buildings, etc) $8.50-$15, based upon when you register. Register EARLY for DISCOUNTED rates!
  • Register NOW!  Seller spots GO FAST. 


March 4-7, 2020

The Grove Church 3420 Blacklick Eastern Rd NW Baltimore, OH


April 22-25, 2020

Hartford Fairgrounds 14028 Fairgrounds Rd Croton, OH


March 18-21, 2020

Franklin Co. Fairgrounds 5035 Northwest Parkway Hilliard, OH

Step 2: Gather Your Items

Short text introducing steps/important info.

Step 3: Tag & Price Your Items 

Ready to get your items ready for purchase?

  • See our What You Can Sell page if you are curious about what we accept?
  • Pricing and Tagging your items is easy with our tips!
  • From hanging clothing to bagging toys, we have all the info. you need…

Want some help tagging or selling?

  • VIP Tagging: Our taggers do all the work and you earn 45%
  • ASAP Service: Sell your items right now

Step 4: Drop Off & Pick Up (optional)

How Drop Off Works:

  1. Schedule your drop-off appointment from within your Consignor Account.
  2. Plan on 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of items & the time of day. Evening is busiest. Kids are welcome but not encouraged.
  3. Organize all clothing by size & gender.  Shoes & Books should be easily accessible as you’ll drop those off first.
  4. Read the “Drop Off Instructions” that were emailed to you!!

Pickerington Drop Off Schedule

Monday, February 25:  9:30am-8:30pm

Tuesday, February 26: 9:30am-11:30am

Wednesday, February 27: 12:30pm-2:30pm (restock)

Thursday, February 28: 2pm-7pm Decor Drop Off

Note: We close at indicated times so arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

Croton Drop Off Schedule

Sunday, April 7: 1pm-9pm

Monday, April 8:  10am-4pm

Tuesday, April 9: 9am-11am

Thursday, April 11: 2pm-7pm Decor Drop Off

Note: We close at indicated times so arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

Hilliard Drop Off Schedule

Monday, March 11:  10am-9pm

Tuesday, March 12: 10am-12pm

Wednesday, March 13: 12:30pm-2:30pm (restock)

Thursday, March 14: 2pm-7pm Decor Drop Off

Note: We close at indicated times so arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing.

Step 5: Shop!

Shopping early is the best part of Consigning with Three Bags Full!


Premier Consignors

  • The more you help, the earlier you shop! Shop Times 
  • You’ll receive your Consignors Only Shopping Pass (good for you and your spouse and/or grandparent) when you drop off your items. *kids are welcome but not encouraged

Shop before the Public

  • All consignors SHOP FIRST on full price (Tuesday) & half price (Thursday) night
  • Why pay retail? SAVE BIG!
  • Shop from another mom, JUST LIKE YOU!

Receive a “Friends of Consignor” pass when you drop off.  TEXT THIS to everyone you know! (And you are entered to win 90% of your earnings!) FOC shop early on Wednesday & Thursday night!

Step 6: Get Paid

Getting Paid Is Easy:

  • We deposit earnings into your PayPal Account within 10 business days. Make sure the email listed in your Consignor Account is the SAME or LINKED TO the email associated with your PayPal account. This email is your PayPal “account number.”  Not sure? Contact Paypal. We pay the fees! (Funds usually hit your account within 4 days, fyi) Make sure the email listed is correct BEFORE the tagging system closes.
  • Prefer a check? After 30 days if your PayPal earnings have not been deposited into your account they are returned to us. At that time we will issue a paper check to the address listed in your consignor account minus a $5 processing fee. PayPal is best/easiest!
  • Click here for a printable version of the instructions.

Fast Deposits

Fast & convenient deposits. Plus, check your sales report daily to see what you’ve made!