How Three Bags Full Began

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep have you any wool?

Yes, sir! Yes, Sir! Three Bags Full!

I’ll buy from you. You buy from me!

As parents of young kids, we knew we couldn’t afford to buy new all. the. time.  I was tired of missing out on shopping, because I was sitting in my garage!

So, we began a crazy consignment sale in our garage! Everyone prices their own stuff, pays a little to make it happen, and we all shop from each other! It’s been a community of families since day one.

Since those days in our garage when my kiddos were little, to expanding to multiple communities across Central Ohio, the purpose and mission have remained the same: connecting families.  

We love keeping it local. We love the sustainability.  We love helping families meet their budgets.  

Just like the nursery rhyme, if we all do a little, we can do a lot. From recycling to sustainability to serving those less fortunate, we’re proud to continue to connect families every single sale.

So, join us & get in on the movement! Pop Up Shops happen every spring & fall. Become a part of the Three Bags Full family!


Kurt, DeAnn & kids

Mission Statement:

Three Bags Full Consignment Events, LLC is a family run organization that is dedicated to serving local families by providing them the opportunity to pool their resources and buy and sell from each other, therefore enabling them to better meet their family’s financial goals while also fostering community and personal relationships.

Vision Statement:

As a family run organization, we follow where the Lord leads us and as family dynamics dictate. We are open to serving many communities in many ways through the gift of Three Bags Full Consignment Events, LLC.

Value Statement:

Honesty and integrity is the benchmark for all decisions. Supporting and fostering family and personal relationships among our clients, customers, premier consignors and independent contractors is the basis for our mission.

Five Core Values:

  1. Family first
  2. Relationships & teamwork are primary
  3. Integrity & honesty in all we do
  4. Pursue growth and learning
  5. Humble service to all clients and customers
  1. Family First – We will make business decisions based upon the changing needs of our family and the families of those we serve.
  2. Relationships & Teamwork are Primary– We strive to build positive personal relationships with all of our customers and clients, treating them like family while building a spirit of fun, cohesive teamwork to positively impact all whom we serve.
  3. Integrity & Honesty in all We Do– It is expected by all participants to take personal responsibility for their standard of behavior and the decisions they make every day. Honesty and integrity must always be at the core of those decisions and will always guide us to do the “right thing,” striving to make Three Bags Full a “good thing for everyone, full circle.”
  4. Pursue Growth and Learning- We provide opportunities for teens through mentoring, internships and early job skill creation. Continuing education, market evaluation, and growth analysis are ongoing endeavors and key to our mission of successful service.
  5. Humble Service to All Clients and Customers– Three Bags Full began with the idea of serving one another and that remains a core value. We all pitch in, in any way needed, to make our events positive, professional and as organized as possible for both customers and clients, while having fun, energy and passion during the process.

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