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Three Bags Full

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What to do with socks, bibs, one-sies etc?

So, what to do with all the clothing that we used to sell in bags?? Read on!

With space at some locations becoming more and more valuable, we’re re-vamping a few procedures. For example, ALL clothing now must be hung NOT sold in bags. First of all, things on a hanger always sell better than in a bag. We do our best to get the bagged items up and out where they can be seen, but let’s face it- pre-sale night they are usually piled high in a basket or box and are hard to shop!

So, the better option (for you selling and for us with floor space) is to hang them!

*Pair socks, one-sies, hats, hair pieces, etc. with outfits.  You can use one hanger and sell multiple pieces (Yea!). Hang the t-shirt/one-sie. Put a sweater or sweatshirt over it. Then flip it over and pin the pants to the shoulder part of the hanger. Then put a matching hat, socks, hair bow, belt, etc in a ziploc bag. Use clear packing tape to TAPE THE BAG SHUT and then safety pin the bag (going through the tape of course) to the shoulder of the hanger. Voila! TONS of items on ONE hanger- and you priced it as ONE item! You’ll end up making more on the whole outfit than if you had bagged and hung everything separately. (Plus it is so much easier and you end up needing fewer supplies.)  Need help? Watch our video on hanging multiple pieces for a visual.

What about bottles (without used nipples), new pacifiers, feeding supplies, etc? Those can still be bagged like before. However, be sure to read through the “Items Accepted” in the Consignor Resources section for your location(s) for a full list of any additional “tweaks” to what we can accept.

What about blankets and bibs? Bibs can often be treated in the same manner as socks, one-sies, etc as mentioned above. Or, just pick your BEST ones, and hang them all on one hanger. (Be sure to safety pin them together for security.) Blankets- SELL MANY TOGETHER! Drape several over a hanger, safety pinning them together. They will sell better than if you put quite a few in a bag. Moms can see them better, and they are easy to shop from the beginning!  While blankets are not clothing, and we will still accept them in a bag, they will sell better if hung!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to make your sale season easy, successful and FUN!