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How to stay motivated on cold, snowy days.

Anyone else feeling the winter blues? Tired of staying inside like a hermit crab? Or maybe you’re lovin’ the relaxed “stay home days” of winter, but your kiddos are starting to get just a tiny bit on your nerves?

We’ve got some solutions to help you dump the winter blues AND make great use of all the “indoor days” we’re experiencing! Enjoy your time at home,  play with your kiddos and use your time to clean out, clean up and get ready for spring! It’s a great way to stay motivated and look ahead to warm weather.

How to change the atmosphere of your home:

1)      Turn on music

2)      Light a candle

3)      Bake something

4)      Turn on lights

5)      Exercise

So, now that you’ve changed the atmosphere of your home you’re ready to get started! Here are some fun tips for playing with your kids while also cleaning out and getting ready for spring. What comes with spring? Three Bags Full Consignment Events!

1)      Play games! Go through your game closet and play each game. Missing tons of pieces? Pitch it when you’re done. Kiddos aren’t into it? Bag up the pieces, get the instructions in the box and tag it to sell. Loving it? Put it back on the shelf to play again.

2)      Watch movies! Go through your DVD’s and have everyone pick their top 5. Watch a couple! The ones left? Open up the case, make sure they aren’t scratched, then tag them to sell.

3)      Spring Fashion Show! Pretend you’re on vacation- play upbeat music, have the kids try on their summer clothes to see what doesn’t fit. Items they love and can still wear- set aside for warmer days. Items they don’t like or don’t fit? Hang them up and tag them to sell.

4)      Play “Remember when?”  My kids used to love this game. Pull out toys from toy boxes or under beds- “Remember when we played with xxx?” Kids not really into it? Bag it up and tag it to sell. Kids super excited to find their long lost toy? Set it aside to play with again. Great way to clean out those toys and figure out what they want and what they don’t.

5)      “Mommy time!” While the kiddos are watching their fave dvd’s, you can clean out your purse stash. (We all know you have a pile somewhere!) Sort thru the pockets and remove what you find (Money, anyone?) including crumbs. Use wipes or magic erasers to clean them off. Didn’t use it last year? Doesn’t work for you anymore? Tag it to sell.

Spring Three Bags Full events begin in March and run thru the first weekend in May. Registrations open Sunday night, January 26, 2014. Register, tag your stuff to sell, and when spring hits you’re ready to go.

Best part? You’ve had fun family time during these cold winter days, while being productive and prepping for spring/summer. All that cash you’ll earn? Anyone else dreaming of  tropical islands, sand and sun??

Shopping secrets :)

Okay so these aren’t really secrets, but they are helpful tips.  The very most important “secret” is consigning! You only have to tag 10 items to shop early! And then after you have tagged those 10 (or more) items the more you volunteer the more you earn and the earlier you shop.  So now you are thinking what if I can’t consign? You can enter 15 minutes early on public shopping days by bringing a canned food donation with you.

Also come prepared to SHOP 🙂 bring a laundry basket, wagon, tote, etc. to put your goodies in.  There are also Ikea bags available to be borrowed or purchased and they fit tons of stuff! If you are unsure of sizes for your children bring them along.  I have seen moms with their kids in swimsuits trying on clothes and this year I even had the chance to talk to a mother who brought a sheet to make a “fitting room” for her girls.

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to shop too! There are literally THOUSANDS of items to look at and even if you think you have seen everything I can guarantee that if you come back and shop another day (like the red dot days) you will see “new” items.  It also helps to have a list or a general idea of what you are looking for so you don’t forget, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the amazing deals and totally forget what you came for.  These are just a few of my own tips, what tips do you have?