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Three Bags Full

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Quick tips to help your items SELL!

Hey it’s Renae here! Follow some of these quick tips to help your items SELL!


  1. PRICING:   Pass along the savings and price items to move! Selling everything for less is better than a few things for more.
  2. DVD’s (CD’s / books) – group similar ones together, put in a Ziploc bag and sell it as a group.   Place the tag in the upper right corner of the baggie before you seal it. When someone looks at the baggie, they can see your tag, but they can also see the front of the DVD/CD/books and the spine with title. Nothing will be obscured if you place the tag in the upper right. Making a list and taping it to the bag could also be helpful.
  3. Toys – there is normally a large flat space to tape your tag. If there is not, try to pin the tag on a broad surface. Example #1, if you have a Fisher Price Little People set, place the people and accessories in a baggie and tape the tag to the baggie and tape the baggie to the play set. Example #2, toddler chair, try to pin the tag to the broad surface. For LARGE toys/bikes/baby gear, keep your tag for the Claim Ticket at drop-off.
  4. Clothes – when you hang your clothes with the hanger in the question mark position, pin your tag (or use a tagging gun) and put your tag in an inconspicuous place. The neck often has the manufacturer’s tag and that’s a great place to put your 3BF pricetag
  5. Shoes – If possible, keep shoes out of a bag, but be sure they’ll stay together! The “loops” available on our website work great! Or, safety pin them together if there are no laces.  Pin the tag to a loop or tape it to the bottom of the shoe. If you need to bag your shoes, place the tag on the bag.
  6. Misc. Items (Socks, Bibs, Hair Accessories, Etc.)  – hang bibs together or socks together on a hanger and follow clothing instructions. Bag up hair accessories and pin to a clothing item that matches it.
  7. Purses, Diaper Bags, Totes – Safety pin them to a hanger. If you can push a pin through the strap, put your tag on that way. If not, it’s best to secure it with a safety pin either where the strap meets the purse or through the hole in the zipper. You can also use a loop. Taping directly to the item could damage it.
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One Response to “Quick tips to help your items SELL!”
  1. Faith says:

    This is my first time. I will always use you. I was afraid of what would be rejected even though my items were in very good condition. I was shock as to how much was sold. All of my children coats sold. When i take them to a consignment thirft shop i would have been luck if 1 of them would have sold.

    thank you for being here for us. you people are so easy to work with and still keep your standards up.

    I would recommend to always tag only 6 as a time and then print. that is much better than trying to print later.


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