How It Works : Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full

Ohio's Premier Children's Consignment Event!

How does consigning with Three Bags Full work?

  • You register online at and pay the $8.50 non-refundable registration fee which gives you access to our tagging system.
  • You price, hang and tag your items at home using our website & tagging system. Easy!
  • Bring your items to us to sell during “drop off” days. You do not need to be at the event to sell your items.
  • Shop before the public (best selection & best deals!)
  • You earn 65%-80% of the selling price of your items (more if you help out during Sale Week) and pay a Consignor Fee (deduced from your earnings: $5 for 50 or fewer items, $18 for 51+ items, waived for anyone helping during Sale Week)
  • Check your earnings in your online account each evening of Sale Week
  • Pick up your un-sold items during a pre-determined date/time OR leave them and we donate them on your behalf.
  • We deposit your earnings in your PayPal account within 10 business days (or a check can be issued)
  • Easy!
  • Mom’s buy for their kids. Why not buy from you? Shopping Local is for more than produce! Moms save money buying gently-used & new from local moms like you!

Why Consign instead of a Local Selling Wall?

  • SAFETY. People underestimate the importance of safety and not meeting up with strangers. Read a blog post here.
  • No hassle from the low-ballers, late-comers, no-shows… you know what I mean! Read more here from a mom blogger.
  • Really? Meet up with someone to make $4 on a pair of jeans (maybe)? Your time, energy and resources are worth more than that! Sell everything in one place, where you earn a fair, yet maximum, amount on your gently-used merchandise; best yet, you can buy too!

Why Consign instead of a Garage Sale?

  • Time. You’re going to spend time somewhere. Why not maximize your time and sell your items where thousands of moms shop (and buy)? You price it, we sell it. Done.
  • We advertise, set up, sell & clean up
  • You shop while your items sell. No more sitting in your garage while missing all the other good deals.
  • No strangers scoping out your house and meeting your kids.
  • No haggling
  • Shop FIRST. When it’s gone, it is gone! Getting first dibs means best selection & best deals. Consign a minimum of 10 items to shop before the public.
  • You can check your online account each evening to see what items sold.
  • Don’t hassle with the “leftovers”- we’ll donate them for you if you don’t want them back.

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