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Three Bags Full

Ohio's Premier Children's Consignment Event!

How does consigning with Three Bags Full work?

  • Price, hang and tag your items at home using our website. Easy!

  • Bring your stuff to us to sell during “drop off” days. Receive your coveted Preview Party Pass!

  • Keep 65%-80% of the selling price (earn more by volunteering) and pay a base $10 Consignor Fee. (Fee goes down when you volunteer!)

  • SHOP the Preview Party! FUN TIMES with GREAT deals!

  • Pick up your unsold items during “Pick up” days OR leave them and they are donated to local charities.

  • We mail you a check for 65%-80% profit (based upon volunteer shifts & varies by location) within 10 business days.

  • Now that’s easy!

  • Moms need to buy for their kids. Why not have them buy from you? Shopping Local is more than produce. It can be kid stuff, house stuff and mom stuff too!

Why Consign instead of Garage Sale?

  • We advertise, set up, sell and clean up.
  • You can shop too instead of sitting in your garage waiting for customers.
  • Shop FIRST. When it’s gone, it’s gone! Get first dibs by consigning a minimum of 10 items.
  • You can check online each night to see what items have sold
  • You don’t have to deal with the “leftovers” if you don’t want to- we arrange for charity trucks to come pick up anything families don’t want back

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Smart, shop-savvy moms looking for quality kids items consign.

MAKE money selling. SAVE money buying from other moms.

That’s the epitome of the “moms helping moms” sale, “Three Bags Full!”


Consigning is not a garage sale, a re-sale store that “buys” & re-stocks or a flea market. Quality items only. Everything is hung, organized by size & gender, and is neat & organized. One weekend only- when it’s gone, it’s GONE!

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